Cache of Fated treasures [BUG]

This week you are supposed to get SFO reward normal item. I wanted to get chance transmog from SFO, but I got SoD item??? What waste time to do 5 runs for nothing! Fix it, please!

Iirc both dungeons and TW events got a chance to drop a fated raid item on their respective ilvls . But there isnt said anywhere it its current fated raid, thus this chest has a chance to drop item from all 3 raids .

It is not a bug, it is working as intended.

It shouldnt happen! It is pretty stupid RNG. This is UNBELIEVABLE if it is not bug!

It would be stupid rng other way too . Imagine if there was someone wanting a sod item but those events would never land on sod weeks .

Also , this isnt supposed to be your way to obtain item . Its just a little extra, its rng as i contains whole pool of raiding . Idk why be mad about this, chances of u geting exactly what u want are abysmall

If you want Sepulcher transmog, just turn random stuff into tier. This raid’s transmogs are easier to complete than any of the previous.

Done all expect mythic so I only need off-pieces.

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