Calculating Hero of the Horde/Alliance

hi all,

I’ve decided to try and reach this feat of strength during SL Season 1.

I’m currently monitoring pvpleaderboard dot com, and filtering for Horde and Hero of the Horde. However, as this site only gives the top rated 5000 players I wondered how accurate it may be?

My question… Hero of the Horde is a 0.5% achievement of the bracket, how do I calculate it?

  1. Where does the bracket begin? 0? 1400?
  2. How many people are between the highest ranked player and this minimum?
  3. If a player dips below minimum, say, 1400, how far until they’re not in the 0.5% calculation? 1350?
  4. Does the HOTH/A achievement count one faction or both? eg if 0.5% is a total of 500 players, is that 500 horde, 500 alliance or only 250 of each?
  5. How many players are in this bracket? Where can I try and figure this out to then calculate the 0.5% and therefore my current minimum CR to be within a chance of the achievement?

Thank you for any and all replies.

Kind Regards

Take a look at Xunamate and you can find cutoffs there

There’s a few websites like this and they tend to be pretty accruate

Thank you for this, I did look but I was hoping to get more in to the maths and the cutoff points.

For example for HOTH as of 1030 GMT 1st Feb 2021:
2515 on Xunamate dot com
2515** on
2137 on PvPLeaderboard dot com

** I notice that looking over the 10 pages 1 player is currently not at the minimum of 50 wins and that the 10 pages cover up to 2427 rating.

Do I solely just trust the WoW published cutoff rating? That seems very high for a very popular RBG season though.

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