Call of the Wild screwing with Mend Pet for BM Hunter

…fingers crossed they fix this real soon…is poo.


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I’ve been reporting this since February, I wouldn’t hold your breathe. I submitted bug reports during 10.2 ptr and nothing change

I’ve made a macro.

/cast mend pet

It works for me even if the spell turns to revive pet.

:joy::joy::joy: wait to see what happens when the pet dies in dungeon :rofl::rofl::rofl: be prepared to open the spell journal

It still works as Mend pet if you stand still when you click it but sometimes it just do not work.

Just pull revive pet on to your action bar or create a Macro.

Did you try this ?
/cast [pet] Mend Pet
/cast [nopet] Revive Pet

They’ve made Mend Pet and Revive Pet into separate abilities now.

I hate change, if it´s a bad change like this one I hate it a little extra

It isn’t like we’re overwhelmed with 40 keybinds.

Anyone know if an all-in-one Call Pet/Mend Pet/Revive Pet macro will work like we had in Classic?

/cast [nopet][@pet,dead] Revive Pet; [combat]Mend Pet; Mend Pet

You sir are a scholar and a gentleman.

Had to go digging through patch notes to find this from the November 15, 2023 notes:

Mend Pet and Revive Pet are now separate pet utility buttons and are no longer automatically swapped back and forth based on your pet’s state. This is a temporary change to resolve some issues with interactions between Call of the Wild, Mend Pet, and Revive Pet. Mend Pet can be found in the “Pet Utility” flyout menu in the main Hunter spellbook.

Wonder how long this will be a “temporary change” or maybe Blizzard will simply decide it’s just easier to leave this as a permanent change? :thinking:

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