Calling All Alliance PvPers

Hey everyone.

I have been searching for a long time, for a proper PvP Guild that has the same amount of activity and comradery as all of those PvE Guilds we see and are so jealous of.

I have even found myself being part of a PvE Guild just so that I had people to talk to on Discord and in game, which is lovely, but very frustrating when I almost have what I am looking for, but don’t feel as included as we want to do completely different content.

Hence my creation of The Old Ways, I have transferred myself to the highest populated Alliance server for PvP (Ravencrest), created a comprehensive Discord Server and plan of action and hoping that we can build this together and feel some remnants of the way we used to when meeting new people and playing together.

Please join message me in game #syronus#21310 or on Discord JayT#3839 if you are a PvPer and want to finally have a real home.

We support The Old Ways.

After trying to get a PvP Guild sorted, I realised this is simply not going to be possible the way I wanted it due to the lack of PvPers left in the game and the few of us spread over different servers, but I’m not one to give up on finding a community of PvPers to play with, and then I had a lightbulb moment.

With the way cross realm groups work now, I don’t need to make a Guild all on the same server, or even on the same faction to find PvPers to play with and speak to, I can just make a discord “community” that will welcome anyone who wants to simply make friends with people, talk to them regularly and play the game. We will still be able to make groups for RBGs, arenas and events.

With that in mind, anyone who thinks this is a good idea, and wants to actually be part of a PvP community, please feel free to join the server!

Thank you!


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