Calling all late night players !

Hi, ive noticed on this server theres absolutely 0 late night raiding guilds. So im looking for all late night players to message me to see if we can get something going. Im only level 36 currently and dont expect to hit 60 before xmas as work commitments mean I can only play 2-3 hours before xmas as im working over time to get the most outa my pay before xmas. Once jan hits ill be back playing 4-6 hours most days.

Even if you dont plan to raid, if you play mostly late at nights also message me as it’ll create a nice night time community to chat with as you play and help with quests and dungeon runs.

If you do plan on raiding id like to make a team that raids 2300ST until 0300ST. (these times are approx and may change). Im hoping to find 9 other raiders who wanna play late night so we can form a guild and then discuss the best time for us 10 and then go forward trying to make the first late night guild on Nethergarde Keep.

About me: Ive played games since I was young, played alot of games over the years mainly Lineage 2 private servers and wow retail amoung many others that just never quite hit the spot like these 2. Now im in my 30s and have kids im just looking for a good group of players who wanna enjoy classic and see where it leads. I only started playing around 10 days ago so ive along way to catch up as I didnt hear about classic until way after launch which im quite devastated about as I wish I was already raiding.

TLDR: Any late night players /w Zwn ingame to talk about trying to make a late night guild.

Edit: or add my battletag RabbitFace#21884

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