[Campaign A/H/N] The Crimson Compass - Campaign Over!

Date: January 14th
Estimated Duration: 1-2 Weeks
Main Story Location: Desolace
Alliance: Feralas
Horde: Stonetalon Mountains
Ercia (A)/Gakra(H)
Gustov (A)
Story tellers:
Rogmasha (H), Rakihu (H), Faerel (H),
Tinwetar (A), Aeilmar (A)

A lonesome brigantine cruises across the Frozen Sea, sails painted with the mark of a bloodied wolf. The night sky slowly fades away into nothing but darkness, clouds enshrouding it. Bone chilling winds creep in with murderous intent beckoning the suffocating fog over to the ship. Once calm waters ripple and grow more violent, clashing against the hull of the ship threatening to tear into its wooden exterior. The crew blind to their surroundings, are unaware of the several emerging shadows from the depth below threatening to shatter the surface.

Heavy footsteps thump against the wooden floorboard of the ship, determined to keep their footing whilst the ship rocked. Out of the cabin the bulking figure emerged, practically kicking the door down. A deep gruff voice bellows from the Orc, “What’s the meaning of this?” a tone of authority demanding answers from the rest. His eyes glare up towards the crows nest, having to squint in an attempt to see more clearly through the dense fog.

Barely a minute had passed, and yet the Captain grew impatient with not receiving a snappy response from his crew. He snarls taking a deep breath ready to shout again, only to be interrupted by the look out above, “I think you’re going to wan…-”

The water churns, parting way for the masts that breaks the surface and claw their way towards the sky. Creaking wood accompanied the roaring water in a deafening assault on the crew’s ears.

Silence ensued for the next couple of minutes, only to be torn asunder by the power boom of a cannon being fired and more thereafter. Voices filled the air in a dark harrowing tone with song, proclaiming their presence in a bold gesture. The blinding fog slowly unravelling to reveal more ships than the crew could counter spread out across the vast sea before them.

Each ship decorated with seaweed, crustaceans and sea urchins that claimed it as their own during its time beneath the waves. Equally so riddled with holes in different on all sides of it, a sign that a battle had taken place, the only reasonable explanation for the crew were that dark magics were afoot. The voices made themselves known as shambling corpses, mindlessly slaving away aboard their respectful vessels. It all happened too quick for the Captain to make sense of it, caught in the line of fire as they parted ways but one thing stuck out the most for him. Three separate insignia upon the sails of the ships, each in their individual groups; a golden tusk, a cannon and one two swords crossed over an anchor.

Once a force to be reckoned with as a powerful fleet, the hunger for greed and power were their own undoing as the three Admirals were at each other’s throats when a certain compass fell into their hands. Bound by blood to it, cursed to rise once again from the depths below they’ve but one thing in mind. Reclaim the three keys to their hidden vault of treasures and with it the compass, achieving this by an means necessary. The shambling corpses of undead pirates terrorises one another and denizens of Kalimdor, so much as daring to assault forces of the alliance and horde.

Alliance forces will be heavily situated in Feralas and Horde in Stonetalon mountains. I’m aware there are some areas for both factions on either bit of land and you’re free to use it as you please. Desolace will be the centre of the main story-line for this, as we actively seek to bring these cursed pirates to a halt in their reign of terror, war among each and others of Azeroth too.

How will this work?
Keeping it in the most simplest forms, there’ll be a main story to follow for everyone and people dedicated to DM those storylines for people as they progress through it. There’ll be some down time and during such, side missions will be placed on a noticeboard that’ll be specified towards one faction for them to go ahead interact with it at their own free will or with the request of a DM should one be available.

Furthermore to provide a little RP-PvP, -although- that is not the primary thing surrounding this event. Some of those missions may collide with both factions and provide an opportunity for you to engage in combat with the opposing faction (rules be marked on the mission once up the thread!)

Side Missions
You’ll find missions placed under their respective area with a timer to it, much like world quests mechanic we have in-game. They’ll come and go depending which stage we are at in the story. Furthermore there’ll be rewards which you can use to bargain with the pirate factions to give you an edge against your foes, or not. I’ll provide an example below, whilst there is naught to be shared for now. Objectives will be placed on discord!

Faction: Alliance
Objective: Some of the Alliance civilians have been captured and are being held captive among the shores of Feralas. Captain Grimshank is preparing to board them aboard the row boat and towards their ship for whatever twisted ritual. Stop them before such can happen!
Reward: Weaponry.

There’ll be a few pirate factions that you can befriend during this entire ordeal, you’ll have more chances are gaining more artillery or man through the rewards you gain through side missions. Each offering a beneficial bonus against the main threat and the opposing faction. If a better deal comes along, be prepared to be stabbed in the back by them.

Wolf’s Maw
Leader: Captain Wolfbones
Bonus: Manpower
Current Alignment: No one

Leader: Captain Harrow
Bonus: Artillery
Current Alignment: No one

Widow’s Grief
Leader: Captain Bones
Bonus: Fog of War
Current Alignment: No one

Mother’s Vengeance
Leader: Captain Blackstrike
Bonus: Nature’s Wrath
Current Alignment: No one

I may need a few individuals to help out with some events, I’ll full inform those to the best of my capability what the general idea is how to play it out for others. There’ll be no set way for it to finish as that is ultimately down to the players that are involved in the story, but the DM also has the creativity to twist and turn it, make it difficult if they feel like being sadistic!

Contact myself or any of the other hosts in-game.
Ercia (A)
Gakra (H)
Gustov (A)



The Dread Captain Blackstorm will be there… for his own ends. Harr.


Avast, ye mons!

Prime de Sea Moles!


That is, actually, a very interesting and unique idea for the campaign. May come on Aeilmar, if the time allows to. (and if you accept independant neutral characters, of course!)


I had to re-post this campaign thread, but have maintained the sign ups. I could edit the other one that well since it was transferred from the old forums.

I’m going to be putting the objectives into discord however rather than her since I’m not entirely sure how much I can actually post. Thank you though, discord and community has been made for this, looking forward to it!


Mighty fine looking Campaign, will have to look into participating in this on ol’ Frak, though being neither Horde or Alliance alligned, where can neutrals find their hubs or will they be welcome within their respective racial hubs?

And I may have missed it in reading through the original thread, but since its in Desolace, where will the Centaur Clans be? :thinking:


They’ll be lurking about, I heard they like getting their grubby hands on Azerite too. Safe spot for Neutrals will be the Cenarion area, but if they’re able too and are given access I’m sure they can travel to either the horde or alliance camp.


Very well! Cheers for the clarification! ^^


Captain Hel’mog Darktusk of the Seabound Spirit will be participating as part of the neutral faction.


Somewhere on a misty tide…


After much deliberation after hearing about the campaign during the annual High Parley, the Dreadnaught’s crew has decided to partake.
The promise of gold, impossible odds, and some good old fashioned high seas shenanigans have certainly caught their interest!


Neat story, also looking forward to where the story goes with those from the parley. I might have another short story myself before the campaign involve Captain Fiske and her doings!


Looks like a lot of fun! Dalaran Intelligence will be there as Neutrals, posing as the crew of the Cerulean Sky. I’d be happy to assist with some events too (time and circumstance permitting).


Absolutely. I echo Morgaid’s statement - happy to help out, and looking forward to more adventures for Captain Villi!


The Twelfth Penal Company will deploy to this campaign, seems like a wonderful idea!


In a turn of events, I can confirm that several members of the crew of the Dread ship Tempest will be accompanying I, Captain Blackstorm, in this endeavor. we will number 3 or 4 dastardly buccaneers. However, I won’t be able to get in on any discord shenanigans until at least the 7th of January, so be patient.!

We shall be neutral! Though we shall have see if our goals do or do not, in fact, align with our Black flag waving brethren. :skull_and_crossbones:


Hey, love to sign up as a singleton, neutral here and be hanging about in the Cenarion wildlands. Be cool to have others to join up with in the area!


I can’t say anything for sure right now, but I’m damn well interested in this! :> Hoping to join on board, either as neutral or as Horde :thinking:

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This looks fun. I’d like to join as a neutral individual.

Feel free to give me a poke on here or discord, when you’ve picked your alignment and you’re sure about signing up. I’m always a poke away.