Can’t decide race for my priest

Hello, so I’ve been wanting to try out a priest (holy) and I can’t decide between three races for my priest. I would love some opinions and I’d love for some really basic healing advice for lower levels and dungeoning. All answers are appreciated!

  • female HT Tauren
  • female Maghar orc
  • Male/Female Zandalari

Whichever you like the look of. There is no significant gameplay difference. You can look at the racials for each, if you care, but that really doesn’t matter.

This is entirely a cosmetic choice for you. Whichever you feel most at home in is the right one.

Really basic advice?

  1. Set yourself up either with

You will also find much more in great detail about these on YouTube

This will allow you to heal by hovering your mouse over the frame for a member in your party and pressing the spell. Much, much easier than trying to target every time.

  1. Healing is easy. The people you will meet along the way are hard to deal with. Most people in most parties will be fine, but there will be a sizeable minority of suicidal maniacs who want to try to solo the dungeon, or feel that the tank is going too slow, or run out of your healing range, or just enjoy standing in fire.

I wish you the best of luck. I tried to raise a healer once.

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