Can i restore character from this deleted server?

hello i have a problem yesterday i transferred my lvl 63 druid from pyrewood village server to razorgore server and my character disappeared and the server also disappeared.
could the character be returned to me please? thank you for answer.

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My server had free transfers to razoregore on august 10 th and razoregore had last day on 9 th. Hope they can retrive my only level 70 char -_-

I am in the same situation, how can I solve it?

same i sent 2 of mine now am waiting maybe we will never gonna see them

You mean the server closed down? I just came back to classic wow and didn’t know about anything like that… Can we retrieve the chars that we had on that realm?

I lost all my characters on Razorgore ! Well played Blizzard… Luckly PServers will be back soon. Blizzard cant surprise me anymore.

As alot of you, i’ve got the same problem.
Got a ticket up, but i doubt i’ll hear anything soon, and even if i do, my hopes ain’t up.

Two of my highest leveled characters disappeared into the blizzvoid.
Just because i clicked one of two available server transfer options…

I lost my main character due to this aswell, also on Razorgore, on the way from Mograine to Golemagg. I really hope Blizzard can solve this, I was just coming back from a break to prep for wrath classic =(

I am in the same boat. Why is there still the option to transfer your characters to Razorgore anyway?

Same problem three days and can’t play my druid, what is the monthly fee for?

Same for me :frowning:
Why can we make a transfere to a server that is not there, It doesn’t make sense to me…

from DK

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Remember 15+ years ago when they had game masters answering tickets within an hour. Now its just redicilous with a week estimated wait time. Losing all raids this reset, arena points etc. and why is transfer to this closed realm still up? Why are we paying to play this game when nobody works there?!

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I transfered my warlock to razorgore too and wanted to transfer him to the server where I play all the time but it‘s gone, I lost my character too. how can they give free transfer and then delete the server which you HAVE TO transfer to, so you can transfer to other servers ? it‘s like they did it on purpose. I want my 70 char back

Hehe, same here. I have my four chars from pyre in the void atm. Not expecting a response on my ticket very soon.

Same here. Why on Earth was Razorgore an free transferes option if it had been taken offline? So much for getting back to classic, prepairing for WotLK… Sux :disappointed:

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So my night elf druid has appeard at last on a random server (Mograine) population 36 alliance players… Have Blizzard really become this brain dead?

They only responded with this (, which basically tells me that it might be up to two weeks before they are moved.

I have asked for clarification.

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Your realm was recently slated for deletion or consolidation, and all characters on that realm are being moved to Mograine or Hydraxian Waterlords. Per our Blue post, these characters will be unavailable for up to two weeks while the transfers to the new realm are completed. Your characters are not deleted, just temporarily unavailable during this process.
You can read more about this in our Blue post here:

“Please note: Player-characters that are automatically moved during the realm consolidation on August 10 may be unavailable for up to two weeks thereafter.”
Game Masters are unable to make the character available. We apologize for any inconvenience.


thank you very much for showing us their post

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So they answered my ticket again. It’s gonna take up to two weeks.

"The process could take up to two weeks. If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or feedback, please add that in a reply to this thread (It’s the link that Fatmatt posted above.)