Can Lor'themar replace his eye?

Azeroth is a world of magic. I wonder if he would be able to get a new eye since his sight is hindered and that has a negative effect in battle.

well i honestly doubt healing magic is that advanced or he most likely would have done it already major injuries seem to be pretty permanent in world of warcraft

using say turalyon as a example his facial scars is a much lower level fix then restoring a none existent or damaged eye yet in the 1000 years he spent with the space goats he never fixed it

Mecha gnomes cut their limbs and replace it with Robot parts. I doubt a damaged eye can be that hard to fix.

maybe he dont want a mechanical eye

Wow is undefined enough, that the devs could explain everything they wanted, be it by magic or tech. And it would make sense for Lorte to get rid of that weakness.

But the one-eye look is a cool one and… it isn’t really a disadvantage, if the devs don’t write it as one. So rule of cool says he keeps the one-eye look. And with regards to the lore, they can invent reasons why it doesn’t work in this case just as easily as they could decide that it could work.

Kilrogg died because of that disadvantage after Danath attacked his blind spot.

Lor’themar? Who?!
Are you referring to Bob?

He can replace his eye. Have you seen things that can be done at barber shop? Eye fixing is the least impressive thing.

Enchanted glass eyes to give the bearer sight also exists as of this quest. The possibilities are endless!

Only I am allowed to call him Bob. And yes only having one eye makes you useless in a battle.

I think he replaced his eye long ago , but told none . The reason ?
1: Tactical advantage . You think he cant 't see you , but he can .
2: He likes eyepatches .
3: The moral questions . After all , to hide an eye under an eye patch and still use it , it has to see trough fabric . Any fabric … Like robes and such .

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I feel like this point is greatly underestimated.

I mean this is not naruto where they can replace eyes like its just another depleted Lightbulb.

Mechagnomes replaced their entire body. So it should be possible.

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