Can no longer upgrade gear with honor?!

Am I the only one who thinks this is a stupid change? Now we need a pve currency to upgrade our gear, which defeats the entire purpose of letting pvpers jump into pve with their pvp gear. It also makes honor useless.

I’ve wondered about the purpose of honor now, too. It’s absolutely completely useless now beyond your initial gearset and/or gearing alts.

the changes are collectively a mixed bag, i love that i can hoard honor but thats about all i can do. the rest of the changes were bad

This is the most idiotic change I have ever seen. Why do we require flightstones and crests to upgrade a pvp gear? It was already inferior to pve gear so this change was not really warranted. It was nice to engage in pve once in a while but now just meeh.

Good if you have lots of alts, but sucks if you only do arena. I don’t mind it as a BG player mostly, as I can use it on the consumables.

You can buy boa honor tokens now to gear alts. Also you can buy herbs, cloth or ore bags for honor to make some gold. Personally i like that more.

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