Can Ret dispel UA?

I saw Ret having debuff from UA dispel, when I looked in Details he did actually get damage from UA dispel.

I know Ret can dispel Fear and Stun with Sanctuary, Poison with Cleanse Toxins and Physical Debuffs with BoP, but how can he Dispel UA?

What race was the paladin? It could have been Fireblood/Stoneform if (dark iron) dwarf…

e: on second thought i’m not sure because i’ve just read the tooltip, and it says “removes”, not “dispells”, just like Craven Stratagem, which would probably not count as dispel and trigger UA so I actually have no idea :smiley:

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I looked into it and it was actually Dark Iron Dwarf.
But I also thought it shouldn’t trigger dispel damage and silence.
Not sure if he took damage, but he certainly got silenced.
Not sure if it was Dark Iron Dwarf Racial, but I looked into his profile and he doesn’t seem to have any crazy trinket or anything else I could come up with.

You take the damage when you use stoneform

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^ What my man shaman said!

Can confirm, I get horrified by some random Vampiric Touch almost every time I press stoneform on bgs, so no exception there either.

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