Can Shadow Priest PLEASE get Legion/BFA Void Form as a build option through Dragonflight talent tree?

New Dragonflight talent trees with multiple build paths are the perfect opportunity for doing that. DPS Evokers can build into either blue or red magic and they both have different playstyles and synergies, Mages can specialize in all 3 magic schools again, Discipline Priests can now lean even more into the shadow…but why can’t Shadow Priests really build more into the Void Form centered gameplay?

I understand there are many people who loved Shadow Priest before introduction of the Void Form and wanted it gone but can these people realize there are also many people that LOVED the playstyle of insanity draining Void Form, being able to use Void Eruption (which is amazing spell btw) very often once we build insanity, whole ebb and flow of going in and out of the Void Form, trying to mantain it as long as possible…

To me whole spec felt more unique when I played it in Legion and BFA, sure it had it’s problems but I believe these could be solved without making Void Form a generic DPS CD that pretty much every caster has these days.

The problem with old Void Form - slow ramp up, it took ages before you felt strong. How could it be fixed? Make Void Form ramp up faster, much faster after we cast Void Eruption. To compensate give it either a set max duration or make it overall harder to mantain for extended periods of time, for example - after 15 seconds insanity drained by Void Form is MUCH higher. Another thing they could do - once you get into the Void Form, you get 20% haste INSTANTLY instead of getting additional haste every 1 sec. Numbers could be obviously changed but this is just example. Something like that could fix the fact that Void Form felt weak before ramping up the make it feel simply better.

The problem with current Void Form is - people that didn’t like Void Form at all still don’t like it even as 2 min CD and want it gone COMPLETELY but now people that loved it’s original gameplay don’t like it either cause it feels nothing like no CD Void Form we could go into and out of on every pack of mobs. It really felt good to be able to use Void Eruption over and over.

Please just make a whole row dedicated completely into enchancing your Void Form and focusing on the void aspect of Shadow Priest or…create 4th spec for Priest and make it completely void themed?


Completely agree, and we need more posts like this, since the people who like something don’t make posts, while people who don’t like something are loud.

Personally I want all the tentacly, maddening goodness I can get. I absolutely loved the
battle we had in legion where we pretty much offered up ourselves in return for power, through surrender to madness in a battle against insanity. I realize mass hysteria was difficult to balance because we ended up with more than a 100% bonus haste for 3+ minutes, this would obviously need a downgrade to some degree, but it was so much fun for the priest itself.

I saw someone on the US forums talk about how a possibly modifier for voidform/surrender to madness could be something like the druids venthyr ability;
“ravenous frenzy”. I found that kind of interesting as well. :thinking:

I’m all for people enjoying the untwisted shadow being able to choose that, but I’d still like to see us stick to the theme we’re going, which is shadowpriest inching ever closer to the void. As it is right now, the idols as they were initially revealed don’t offer much gameplay impact as capstone talents, so hopefully we’ll get some sort of iteration on those. Right now, the spec is definitely looking like a mind spike/proc spec. Mindspike being a much more dominant playstyle decider in the spec, than any current capstone.

Right now I feel like Shadow Priest gameplay feels too close to every other caster in the game. Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Destruction Warlock, Shadow Priest etc - they all generate secondary resources through casting spells then spend it on stronger spells. Astral Power, Maelstorm, Soul Shards and since Shadowlands also Insanity…it all works pretty much the same and new Void Form is just another Combustion/Icy Veins/Celestial Alignment.

It’s just a generic DPS cooldown on 2 min CD. I’m trying to still love Shadow but it’s hard. So many people cursed Void Form in BFA and wanted it removed but I think many people will still agree that Legion/BFA Shadow even despite it’s problems was MUCH more fun to play than what we have now.


I have to say i like both versions but I like the current version better for PvP. The ramp up Void form was just not doable in pvp. People see you go voidform and boom there’s 1 or more CCs on you which will make your big CD useless.

Ofcourse I would be okay adjusting the new talents system so people could chose bases on the content they playing

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