Can SP have the old Shadow Form again? (Cosmetic Thread)

Via glyphs or toys ? The old Shadow Form was so much better than the new one in terms of transmogs.

At least can SP have that option ? This new smoking Shadow Form makes transmogs pointless.


This thread again? :joy:

No, I agree, we really need some glyphs that make a difference. The current one is so weak too. Old shadowform and invisible shadowform seems the obvious ones. My main beef really is that it’s not interesting, but they did do something nice with the Empyrean set glow, hope we’ll see more in future sets.

And as a void elf player I’d like them to think of one where my racial was visible. Even if it’s just the fart cloud turning noticeably blue.

And please reduce the smoke trail while flying. I actually like shadowy friends glyph, so.

Glyph of ancient shadow
Glyph of restrained/contained/hidden shadows


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