Can Vulpera please be druids?

If fat humans can, sandy furballs can too.





And their travel form will be same, just on all four.
Also with glyph (?) you could carry a friend, so i could mount vulpera


Small kittens, bears and trees


Kul tirans can because we’ve seen them do it in quests. They even have a druidic group in Drustvar too called the Thornspeakers.

Vulpera are mostly a nomadic group of traders/scavengers, they live in the desert. There is not much wildlife there to encourage Druids and there is not a single Vulperan druid that we’ve encountered, and besides what would their forms even look like? I mean the Zandalari are already from that same small continent, and they have taken druid froms from animals that live around Zandalar too. And if you give them druids, then you’ll have to do the same for the Alliance. Because there are more druid races on Horde than Alliance atm.

Hey wait aren’t you Vinzora’s alt? Damn I fell for that whining thread bait.


Any rational argument you can come up with to be opposed to the idea is made worthless by a simple sentence:
Void elves are a thing.

Just give us druid Vulpera and pretend they’ve learned fast. The Worgen certainly did.

No idea who this guy is, sorry. But they keep mentioning him in my threads, which is getting tilting.

Please not more Druid Furries.

Just no, you got your vulpera they got shamans, monks and priests. they dont need druids too.

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R34 is the otherway.

Sorry, i tought this is the right place :open_mouth: my bad

Only after belf druids OwO

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Yeah and Void elves were an asspulled moment of bad writing that didn’t make sense. Why do you think so many hate them?

We don’t need anymore (I guess you could say Bfa in its entirety was filled with bad writing) bad writing moments to fit in Druids for Vulpera. Especially when Druids don’t belong in either their culture or their environment in the desert.

Worgen didn’t learn druidism because of Night elves. They’ve always had Druids who were called harvest witches. Celestine of the Harvest was a druid before she became a Worgen.

My bad then. Vinzora is a troll who keeps making whiny threads that make no sense.

Would prefer if they had been given the same kind of Paladin is Tauren.

Praise the sun!

Oh yes please. All the Horde really has are cows and trolls. Cows are just too big especially mounted on an Explorer Yak or Tundra Mammoth. And trolls, well they are trolls. In Legion I was hoping for the Nightborne and in BfA the Vulpera, but #NeverLucky. Why can’t the Horde just get a smaller Druid race please. Enough with the cows and trolls.



travel form will be a tumbleweed


Blizzard for some reason refuse druids to any race that is size of human or below~

You have to be huge scary race that could kill human with a single punch in order to turn into small kitty and keep scratching your enemies :sweat_smile:


I approve of Vulpera druids.

I’d say that just because they’ve made great mistakes doesn’t mean they should continue to make more. Fact is there’s nothing that supports the concept of a Vulpera Druid.

Let the UD be druids first.

Slime form.

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