Can we delete these BG queue threads?

Let them create as many threads as they want… people done the same when the honor got reduced and blizzard listened atleast a little. Not sure if something will happen but it’s their right to speak up.

All that will accomplish are even longer Queue timers for horde. OP outlined the reasons why that is.
That is on top of BG queues becoming longer anyway, because alliance players will have completed their gearing-up long before horde, due to super-short WQs, removing the incentive for alliance players to queue up as time goes on.

And Blizzard will not compromise the integrity of TBCCs design by implementing things like MercMode, same Faction BGs or faction Change.

So, there are exactly 2 options:

  • Long queue times, which predictably will only get longer
  • Rerolling alliance



Nah bro you can spam this subject as much as you like,

you need colluters like kaivax and andycloud to pull through

the community managers can just mute as they go along; imagine how much patience you need reading these begging threats ALL day

The free speech argument is useless on a private companies forums besides read the damn rules, then you will know why. Besides, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

I doubt it was unwarranted, if it was they wouldn’t have given it to you, and 30 days is a lot, usually it’s 3.

It’s 30 days because they increase each time. Unwarranted. Not my fault the entire world is going crazy and supersensitive.
None of my bans have been valid. Either the mods are 12 or the ppl reporting my posts are, i’m guessing both.

I guess that you think you didn’t break the regulations listed here, but having seen some of your posts I think you may have. Blizzard are much stricter than any other forums I have seen. The free speech argument isn’t valid here if you insult others or break their rules.

You can get banned for calling someone an idiot or stupid. I have been.

They are too annoying. Most people don’t care about it since PvPers are a vast minority. Stop with the spam, create a PvP cry/vent mega-post and let us alone in calm.

horde are already have racial advantage end they whining still, in the end they got full arena gear with racials. if blizzard change this honor situation i quit wow lmao.

Ahh yes, let’s get the death squads from early Classic going again. Let’s chase away another few thousands of alliances starting out and trying to level, surely that will make additional alliances que up for bg right?

200 IQ right here.

I suspect I see you in another thread in a month or two with the title “horde bg queues are now 3 hours, this is unacceptable!!!”

I’m not even doing the honor farm apart from the 20 resi insignia of the horde. Which can be farmed quite fast as it’s only 8k honor.

I’m gonna keep enjoying my world pvp.

As far as we know, it’s not illegal to kill people in the wild. It’s truely fascinating how you guy can go to a pve server but keep constantly going to pvp one for unknown reasons.

You Said phase2. Rest of your typing is blæ blæææ blæææ bla bla bla…

Re-Roll Alliance, You have no queues here.

All you’re doing is proving that Hordes don’t actually care about solving the root of the issue.

If you’re fine with worsening the very problem you guys created, gank away. Just remember that this is the shortest your queues will be, and its only downhill from here :slight_smile: .

Have fun when your server goes to 100% horde btw because Alliance keep transferring off.

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Fine by me. As said I barely do BGs. Having alliance suffer togheter with horde makes it all more sweeter doesn’t it? And who cares if 50k horde quits. Lets make 50k alliance quit also. Cause Blizzard will totally just sit there and say, ye it’s a player driven issue. Don’t mind us losing a load of subscribers.

Dont evven vother with his numbers, they are only true for naxx, it was other way around the whole classic

So suddenly through 1 tier cycle you mean it went from

55% H / 45% A


45% H / 55% A?

yeah right, instant queues whole classic btw.

If most of the alliance are on PVE server, then they most likely are PVE oriented.

Proving my point that alliance doesnt play PVP, yet demand anything on pvp related topics and want no PVP on PVP Servers.

Its just so funny that you guys just want changes when it suits you and want to force people playing on a faction where nobody pvps. Nobody switches to a faction where you wont have any population for bg / arena partners.

Delete pvp altogether. I’t seems to cause endless crying and drama.

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It’s truly fascinating how you guys can roll horde and then cry on the forums for BG queues when everyone pre TBC knew that the queues would be extremely long.

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You probably wont answer me but its fine,
I am asking you again to stop using the 55:45 vanilla pop to relate it to ques, those numbers are true only for naxx for the rest of classic the pop was either horde favored (mc/bwl) or pretty much equal (aq)

Also only abou 30% of ally are on pve servers.