Can we get ChatGPT as dev instead than current?

As our devs dont care or dont understand DK problems can we get ChatGPT ? ChatGPT examples:

Bloodbane Grasp:

  • Description: Unleash the power of blood magic in a cone in front of you, causing enemies caught within to be gripped and immobilized for a few seconds. Additionally, this ability generates a significant amount of threat.
  • Purpose: Offers an area-of-effect crowd control ability that can be strategically used to group enemies together and control their movements, especially effective in tight quarters or during adds.

Blood Pact:

  • Description: Channel the power of your blood to create a protective aura around yourself and all nearby allies. While active, this aura reduces incoming damage for all affected allies by a moderate percentage. Additionally, a portion of the damage taken by affected allies is redirected to you, further strengthening your role as a tank.
  • Purpose: This ability provides a group-wide damage reduction effect, making the Blood Death Knight a valuable asset in mitigating damage for the entire party or raid. The damage redirection aspect adds an interesting layer of strategic decision-making.

Bloodbind Chains:

  • Description: Summon ethereal chains from the ground that bind a target enemy, incapacitating them for a short duration. While bound, the target takes periodic damage over time, and a portion of the damage dealt is transferred as a healing effect to the Blood Death Knight.
  • Purpose: This ability provides a form of single-target crowd control by incapacitating an enemy and simultaneously offering the Blood Death Knight a self-healing component. It fits thematically with the blood magic aspect of the class.

ChatGPT wrote that in 5minutes . What our devs couldn’t do in all expansion… I dont get why other tanks (VDH, Paladins) have more damage,utility, tankiness, mobility? Where is logic ?


These are fairly similar abilities to the Necromancer stuff in Diablo III, so if DK players want these things (I like them tbh as I played Necro in DIII), the devs just need to copy paste with proper modifications regarding gameplay :dracthyr_shrug:

Even in Diablo 4 they could take some spells from Necro
Blood mist, blood wave. Its good and fun spells

Unfortunately I can’t vouch on that as I haven’t played it yet, but any Necro spell could be good for them for sure. Would love to see the bone armour be the same as in DIII for the Necro bone armour :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: that looks so amazing, especially the effect of it!

Also make Rune tap, Gorefiend gasp baseline… Rework or remove bonestorm. Improved vampiric blood should be baseline also and instead there put redthirst. Remove blood tap, consumption, blooddrinker. Also some DK suggested to change wraith walk to work like rogues shroud (imagine you entering in dead realm like in LOTR and becoming invisible). It would be kinda cool also plus all DK would get utility that we can get in m+ group

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