Can we get nerfs hunter/wlock?

That is exactly why it’s not your job.

yes, and i cant do what i love any more with my spec, pushing keys. and if we add tier sets into it as well, being late with that had its price as well no matter what spec u were. it became meta to only inv 4p players, so in 99,9% cases it was just lucky raiders who got headstart. so a barrier was created by blizzard to seperate m+ players who only push keys and not raid, from the raiders who push and raid.

Normally raiders and pushers would push together in keys, but since raiders got a headstart raiders are no longer doing the key lvls that only m+ players do.

This is is the worst m+ season i ever taken part in. i bet meta classes and specs have it somewhat cool, but even for them it aint cool to push and wait forever for the cool classees and specs. having so strong meta ruins fun for every one.

Welcome to the warlock experience for the past 4 years, as well as many other specs that kept getting the short end of the stick.


How is single target look like? It always feels to me that bosses are the ones that make or break the keys, so we try to focus more on ST than AOE. Obviously i see big gains with being able to pull large on lower keys because it is not that dangerous, but i am not really seeing mdi pulls on +28’s (or actually on push levels of players).

It’s not as good as demo but it’s not awful either, especially when there’s something to cleave on with havoc.

They still do large pulls, or as large as they can, as well as skipping inefficient pulls in order to get more efficient trash count. The most important part of timing high keys is being able to handle large pulls because pulling slow just isn’t enough anymore.

Warlocks are getting nerfed though

It’s not about “boost me”, it’s more about “why should I boost you?”
All the non-meta classes can make their parties, which consists of smth like:
Prot war / mw monk / boomy / arms war / afl lock.

It’s fully viable, you can have fun etc., but people will prefer inviting stronger performing specs, like frost mage, sub rog, fury warr, destro L, bears/bdk, resto sham/Hpriest, etc.
Nothing personal, it’s just how it works. You take the road with the least ressistance.

This particular nerf is to demonology tho and it’s nothing drastic. It ends up being around 4.5% nerf to single target in total and about a 20% nerf to Tyrant damage alone.

The weird part about this nerf is that demonology wasn’t even that good at single target before nerf. The parses were just inflated due to PI and how well demo scales with haste. If you take PI out of the equation, demo wasn’t even top 3.

Besides that, destro also got a slight nerf recently to the Inferno talent where it now has reduced chance to generate soul shards beyond 5 targets. It’s noticeable in that we aren’t permanently on 5 shards on large pulls anymore, but it didn’t really do much to reduce the damage.

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Ofc not. You also dont forget to mention that in every single topic you participate on these forums. Every single one. I was wondering on how many responses it will take before you will get the urge to tell everyone that youre r1 even if its completely irrelevant to this topic.

Cause if you play any other class than that one expansion ‘‘Blessed’’ class or patch one…

You have to put up with allot of toxic ‘‘Your garbage crap’’ talk doing your mythics… Everyone wants less of that please.

Its a Tank/Healer’s job. Alot of melee DPSers suffer from attacking them aswell. Ofcourse if there’s 10 at the same time everyone has too help though…

Highest key done is a +31 so it was in China tho

It only effects the top 0.1% of the player base. The average player is only concerned with finishing off all 15’s for the mount which any class and spec can do with ease.

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Take a wild guess who Blizzard listened too the most up to now. And catered their end game too…

It’s far too risky to rely on the tank to run around doing them, and much less so for melee DPS. Sure they lose a bit of damage, but the tank also has to move around, kite, dodge stuff etc. Sure if it’s in his range he should just hit it, but he can’t really afford to run around hitting explosive while tanking the pack. Melees DPS can move around much more freely without being hammered by 10 mobs and having 27 frontals aimed at them.

Most of the job lies with the healer, second highest priority is melee DPS, while the tank and ranged DPS are the lowest prio on explosives.

I mean that also depends which ranged dps you are talking about… Boomkins (Moonfire/Sunfire) or hunters (Arcane shot) can easily do them without losing much.
As a melee player myself I am honestly dying quite alot chasing after explosives near the tank. In Explosive weeks I prefer running with a bear druid since they can almost singlehanded clear them with a target+MF macro. :grin:

any topic regarding m+ buffs or nerfs, i feel like i have something relevant to say.
Put me on ignore, before i post again.

Well, boomies do healer damage nowadays anyway, so they might as well be explosive slaves if nothing else. And hunters are a bit of a special case since they are the only ranged who aren’t really casters. But having to cancel casts or not cast at all at the expense of explosives is a much worse DPS loss than for a melees to target swap for one global or even cleaving off the explosives onto the pack.

But again, it’s just best for the healer to deal with the orbs while the rest of the group is simply assisting when needed.

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