Can we juice up the MMR?

Or we gonna have another dead season again until 1 month before season end :sob:

Yes, have fun playing other games.

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Pretty much. Waiting for MMR to increase. Not fun playing vs multi rank 1 players and streamers at literally 1.8k MMR on your alts.


its much easier at the end of the expac i agree
but the whole rating system is flawed, always has been

we need a new rating system for pvp. i suggest Leagues system or a Decaying system

feels a bit silly have rank1 players making 12 alts to gate keep rank 1 titles . they should have decaying MMR each day/week

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Up Buff please :sob:

I entered in big stall, to the point that I ask myself, is it even possible to climb more?

MMR system is wierd righ now… it consider player which have 10 ratting less than me as low rated compared to me, and expect me to win unrealisticly high amount of games versus those people, which make climp impossible. In reallity ±10 ratting even -+100 ratting is nothing.

Scenario go like this: in SS I meet opossite healer -10 ratting than me

My Official SS price list:

4:2 win = I get 15 points
5:1 win = I get 26 point
6:0 win = I get 40 points
2:4 lose = I lose 50 points
1:5 lose = I lose 65 points
6:0 lose = I lose 77 points
“Bonus:” Evrey cca 15th game I encounter wintraders team and pay 0:6 toll for -77, if lucky -65, but those guys are there to hinder.

There is no chance I can keep the tempo, because system constantly put me into games which are high risk but low reward for me, Its simply unrealistic to keep wining as system expect me to. So you can play like 2 hours, have luck to win some games, than one good lose can delete all this 2 hours, very lame system.

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