Can we lock normal dungeons to the full equipped?

I hope it’s not just me who is uneasy about this topic.
You’re leveling yet another alt, you want to complete a dungeon in peace and play relaxed but no, in that dungeon there are full equipped, with 3k rio, who pull the whole dungeon up to the boss. Twice I left the dungeon because for me it’s an inconvenience, it’s not a normal dungeon completed in total relaxation, but it’s a “run run” until the end!
What do you come to do in normal dungeons for the little levels? You don’t need anything in there, if you do it for the 100 gold per day, I’ll give it to you, my pockets are full.

Blizzard, block normal dungeons for those who are already equipped. Or at the very least, let them enter with their own kind.

Thank you.


I agree with you.

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cant keep my dude wiper dude tell him slow down like if u are healer cant keep up healing he dies his own fault not yours you need tank thet know healer limit is he cen take

I’ve done it to help friends level fast.

Dide,peoples farming runes for selling on auction,you can leave if you dont like to play like that

then the people who want to farm can create their own group and farm everything they want

you cannot create for farm because it is random call. dude

If you send four runes (sometimes go for 3k each) and 1k gold every day I’m up for not queuing normal dungeons, otherwise is a lazy way to make gold.

Or what Blizzard could do is to not give bonus bags for normal dungeons. Sure, you’ll end up waiting endlessly for a healer and tank but you’ll not have max level characters queuing.

The attitude that’s hitting normal and even heroic dungeosn atm is “Do it the Mythic way or gtfo” I queued up to play with a few friends I convinced to play the game and they were excited to explore dungeons and fight bosses. they got met with toxicity of the highest order. They tried going in without me there to assist later and now they have quit the game at the ripe level of 35. They showed me some vods of the dungeons and they got so much abuse for not being able to keep up, for not already knowing what everything does and for being confused when the tank started skipping bosses.

These dungeons should be a fun experience where you learn mechanics, learn your class, explore the lore and fight epic monsters before hitting max level and to meet more players. These dungeons are not on a timer, they do not have keystone goals and many people need to remember that. You cannot learn the basics of the game and how to work in groups if everything is just being run like a mythic+

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