Can we make some noise, to bring back Old Cheetah form?

Is it just me who think it is a absurd that blizzard deletes the old Cheetah form and replace it with something completely different? I wouldn’t mind it if they just added the new form. But removing the old one? WTF!

Can we make Noise to bring back the old Cheetah form? As an option at least.


I actually liked the old cheetah form and now see this fugly thing when I switch into it too.

Hmm, guess I’ll change it to a doe? Not sure yet.

I agree, the old was awesome, the new: not so much.


I like the new one too, but I was using the Cheetah before and would like it back. Nice to have something else to switch between every now and then. I don’t like the deers very much.

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I thought the old cheetah form was horrendous to look at. :joy: The new cheetah form is infinitely better and matches in pixel count with current MOG, and I can’t wait for us to get the blue/white variant too.

With that said… Deleting the old one was mindboggling bad decision… :sweat_smile:

The fact that it wasn’t made into a barber option, is SUCH a strange choice on Blizzs end… Who at the company didn’t spend 2 sec to consider that players who liked the old one might want to keep using it…?? :roll_eyes:


It’s like the sound revamp. They introduced awful sounds for cats/bears while there was nothing wrong with the old ones.
I mean a gunfire when you pop zerk? c’mon.

It happens when suits make decissions.

I also liked old cheetah. I was using it for years. Hate the new one.

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Agreed. I do like the new form but I have no idea why Blizz won’t keep the old one around as an option for those who do not. I mean they put in all the effort to make forms switchable at the barber’s shop. Why not use this feature?

I have cried everyday since they took away the old cheetah :frowning: #GetBackOriginals


Nah, square polygons are from another century.
Go WoW Classic to get your pixels


Well then make the same form but higher pixels? Not a completely new one?

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I saw a hunter with a pet that shares the exact same model as the old one and I was like… oh man :weary:

I wanted an update tbh, just true to the colors and such of the original.