Can we please get cancel Chi Torpedo Macro back?

Im fine with mistweaver being the worst healer in pvp just give me back my cancel chi torpedo macro so it doesnt feel so clunky. They have never explained why they removed it and nobody here seems to care about it. Just bring it back or atleast tell us the reason why they removed it.


Because we like seeing your exodia class fly off the map. Well deserved.

Yeah true. With mistweavers being such a dominant healer on the rated pvp ladder for the whole expansion it might be inappropriate asking for quality of life changes that were stealth removed for no reason. Sorry i will delete this post.

Torpedo isn’t only for MW sadly.

You are bad at the game and your opinion has therefor no value. Stop using the forum thank you.

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I would like to recommend professional help for your problems. Seems like you could use some to vent that frustration elsewhere.

You have 2 posts and both of them are in this post and you are already attacking a player you do not know in an extremely childish manner. Maybe you should just refrain from using the forums yourself?

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I responded in a very mature manner although i admit it can be difficult when confronted with such a unpleasant truth. However i assure you it is a fact that your lacking abilities and understanding of the game make your opinions about the game hold no value. Which means you would really do everyone a favour by restraining from posting in the forums. So please my friend enjoy the game casually as you please. Farm your mounts, transmogs and achievements. Do your Pet battles if you want. But when it comes to suggesting about how to improve the game just settle down a bit and let people discuss it that arent clueless.

Thank you.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Clear troll.

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This game is doomed…

+1 for adding back the macro. Torpedo feels so horrible without it.
I simply can not fathom how anyone could think it’s great design to roll through your target, off of bridges and cliffs and overall just never get where you actually want to.

I’d be fine with the current form if they half the CD and reduce the distance.

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