Can we PLEASE get RDF NOW!?

The game is dying hard past couple weeks and ive been noticing more and more gatekeeping where most casual players just wait for ages in the insanely bad LFG tool looking for groups. Theres like hundreds there on a friday evening just waiting to get to play the game they paying for. Nobody cba to organize and create a group for casual players who just want to progress and have fun, im too lazy even with the stress it adds. We need an automated system that can create raid and dungeon groups for casual players and the elitist crowd can keep finding eachother and their 5k gs buddies in the LFG tool!

I know blizz wants to force having to socialize and interact with other players to get anywhere in the game, but with the current population of players and the incentives for toxicity and gatekeeping an automated system would do a much better job! Dont forget that people who end up in RDF group together also socialize and form ingame relationships. You dont need to having to force it all manually.


No you cant have it.


At Least you are honest, but no.

Maybe in next phase, but im not sure

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There is always retail. And there is wrath in retail

“Game dying, release RDF” As if RDF would change anything… it isn’t some magical macguffin that will fix everything, if anything it’ll just be more annoying and you’ll be back here whining that you keep getting kicked from groups. Find a better argument or actually gear up so you wouldn’t be so useless you lazy sod.


This is the entire point - to have rdf so no one would have any other option but to play with you while you don’t need to do anything to do yourself viable


But you can still leave the group and I’ve heard there is a vote kick thingy? I dunno, I haven’t played retail in years.
So the argument would change to “People keep leaving/kicking me, punish those people harder so they wouldn’t do it”

Imagine being forced to run dungeons with DK bots through RDF.


We need rdf for leveling dungeons 15-70. This bracket is basically dead.

As for max level ones - they can stay as they are, it’s not that hard to form a group when plenty of people are in finder.


15-35 is just fine, plenty of people to make groups with. 36-57 is a bit harder since most people don’t care for those dungeons because questing is faster. 58-70 is very easy to make groups for, only takes up to 15 min. Stop lying, you’re just lazy.

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There is always Classic ERA too.

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Wanting an authentic wotlk experience gets answered with “play retail”.
Criticizing retail features in wotlk classic gets answered with “its not wotlk, its wotlk classic and retail features are cool”.
The inconsistency prevails and proves that most arguments against RDF are made for the sake of having an argument at all and not because they make any sense.


The rules here are :

  • Classic player always is right
  • Only his vision is good
  • Even if an alternative can be found he will just :poop: on you

This are the pillars of Classic players.


If u say questing is faster at 36-57 u dont know how to lvl up. ZF, ST, Mara… All have like 7 quests on top of xp u get from kills and gear not to mention BRD and amazing xp u get there from kills + around 10 quests. With RDF u can go and quest around and when group pops u go so it is not same waste of hour or two to find tank and heal like it is now.
Even at 70+ it is hard to find full group to get in to dungeon. I bet u play on Gehennas or Firemaw, try going Thekal at 2 am or so. Not everyone can play at prime time on mega servers.
Stop being so ignorant people have point here, servers are dying and more hard time people get more of them will leave.


There’s always era for that authentic non-RDF feeling.

What an idiotic argument.


Hooray, slippery slope arguments without a slope.

You can’t votekick for 15 minutes in RDF.

It’s a complete fabrication that vote kicking regularly happened in WotLK RDF.


Bots are not gonna run random dungeons you dingus.


As a guy who came to this game with a friend that never played this game and we started from fresh characters I can say that RDF would have been great. Theres barely any people willing to run dungeons at classic/tbc and its not that easy to even find someone for wotlk. Not because players wouldn’t like to but I assume alot of them just cba to sit and wait for the group so they just dont. And I have no idea how not having RDF contributes to socialising as sometimes you either invite or get invited through the current LFG tool and dont exchange a single word through the run. The only negative side of the tool I imagine is being afk at cities through most of your leveling journey, but then again, its better than being afk in city doing nothing as you cant find people to play with.


We must protect the precious life affirming social interactions taken place between players. RDF would dilute this valuable aspect of the game.

Imagine joing a group for RDF and you barely get a hello/goodbye from the team, compared to the fullfilling groups you make yourself from your own realm?

Joke aside

I havent played since the launch of wotlk but had a moment of weakness and paid for a month to relax (I feel disgusted with myself dont worry)

I was hoping RDF would have been made available by now though as leveling an alt is very quiet, basically playing a solo game. Getting normal HC groups was a bit of a pain at times too, to try gear up abit before HC+.