Can we please get some future info?

(Dragonsworn) #21

Somthing will happen with wrathion, thrall and Saurfang :wink:

(Tèsla) #22

I vote for ban’anah

(Dragonsworn) #23

It’s spelt banana :banana:


A banana old gold is literally better than the writing we have at the moment. As the goblin a few posts above said, it is all over the place. Absolutely awful writing.


Sylvanas merges with Xal’atath, then we use it/her to destroy N’Zoth.

(Tèsla) #26

And after the Super Sayan we have Super sylvanas. With Blond hair like Vegeta


Yes -PLEASE-. I’m honestly pretty sick of being hammered in the head with Classic bullcrap which I have 0 interest in. They literally forgot their retail playerbase, we’ve had no relevant news since 8.2 launched. That’s exactly why I’ve unsubbed and won’t be coming back until retail moves forward and the Classic nonsense dies out.


no news isn’t good news

honestly I am not even very attracted to see all people running like new Forrests again :running_man:


You would make blood elf on the alliance faction in a game without factions?

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There’s absolutely no reason for Blizzard to announce anything new now when Patch 8.2 is still fairly fresh and the community is rallied around WoW Classic. Any announcement would be forgetten and overshadowed so why do it?


If you played EP you will kn ow there’s at least one more raid coming involving n zoth, or Sylvana.


We’ll get more info on live once the dust around Classic settles.

Now it’s time for classic to get the spotlight, like it or not. And I’m saying that as someone who couldn’t be less assed about the classic.

It’s just business. :ok_hand:


The community is “rallied around Classic”? In what world? If you think that even 30% of the actual retail players are interested in Classic, you are deluding yourself. Classic will pull in the neckbeards from the private servers and give some people a nostalgia trip, that’s it.

Anyone with more than two brain cells knows that the future of WoW is retail and what comes next (thus we need news), not a 14 year old PoS game.


[quote=“Zealotry-argent-dawn, post:33, topic:72803”]
ity is rallied around WoW Classic.
[/quote]Thats if they decide to close the private servers XD

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Well they usually do one thing at one time. When BfA 8.2 was coming there was nothing new about Classic in the months before it. You just gotta wait it through.


You are dreaming


Btw they are planning a Blizzcon right now. They have 0 interest to give things away now and blow the event

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8.2.5 is coming sometime in September and the PTR lacks the next part of the War Campaign for now(which will likely make what is and isn’t endgame in 8.3 far more clear)

By October we will get 8.3 on the PTR very likely accompanied by a Dev overview of the patch and its features.

November will be Blizzcon, where they will announce the next expansion, likely just like with BfA keeping the ending of the raid a secret(we didn’t know about the Sword until Antorus releasing, despite having Azerite explained to us). 8.3 will then likely release December or very late November(doubt they want another 8.1, delaying the raid until after holidays again, patch would take another 6 months if it released December, and they aren’t putting a raid in the middle nor reworking the Azerite Traits or making Essences)

8.3 has obviously been in the works before even launch, so obv it is happening. Question is if Blizzard can make it in time this time with no major holdbacks via unplanned reworks. While Classic covers the time between 8.2 and .3 it is still handled by a different team, so at the very least far more can focus on 8.3 from the current expansion team.


lmao haha not before they fusion into gogeta tho


People are literally going in /1 and /2 saying stuff like ‘‘Classic is the best, retail sucks, this game ded, classic will revive’’ so not really that stupid in their thought