Can we please get some future info?


Blizzcon is still too far away to coast on that for a few months. Can we please, please get some solid info on something interesting? Allied races, story, future plans, something that ISN’T classic.

Feeling a bit let down.


There’s nothing…

And the reason is they don’t want anything to be overshadowed by Classic.


If that’s their train of thought then that’s really, really stupid. I’m interested in classic but it shouldn’t be the sole thing they focus on. What on earth is going on.

Edit: just noticed they’ve even changed the forum background to classic now :man_facepalming:


new expansion august 2020
no more factions
8.2. like mechanics and zones


The future is :

  • More pet/mount from store.
  • Selling empty BFA server to fund TBC, the next things after Classic.
  • Eternal 8.2.0 for BFA with Benthic Gear upgraded to ilvl 455 who required 150’000 manapearl to upgrade 450 -> 455.
  • New mythic + affixe : Gotoretail ; all mobs are duplicated across dungeons every 2mn unless your group RaiderIO summed score is higher than 5000.

(Uruk) #6

This alone makes me wanna throw my money at preorder, no matter what else the expansion will hold. :smile:

(Cedrad) #7

Next major patch is even further away than Blizzcon. They gave out the information about upcoming contnet: Anniversary.

(Vankya) #8

That would be great, in my opinion. The faction war was a joke.
I definitely, would make a blood elf on the alliance faction and Void elf on horde. ^^


Oh. They have. Nice! :slight_smile:

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Learn patience young one.



I cannot!

I want to know what allied races are next, and what’s happening in 8.3 :sob:


lmaoooo the last one had me cracking up

afaik there is nothing big planed for bfa anymore. 8.2 was the last major content patch.

(Healtings) #13

Um, nope. 8.3 is confirmed.


8.2 was the last major content patch.

(Vintoleth) #15

but thats the blizzard strategy now? 6 month mount sub to cover no content anyone?

/hears echos of WoD… … … … … :rofl:

is it? i dont keep massively up to date with things outside the live game, but most ive heard is 8.2.5?

(Ãve) #16

now think realisticly.

they need to announce next exspansion this blizzcon becuase otherwise we have to wait a whole year until next exspansion announcement + another year for release.

we wont get another big patch becuase blizzard will put all focus on next exspansion.



The story so far is all over the place, and im not even sure what im doing. Here we have the daughter of Bolvar, we hear nothing.
Calia was a big selling-point for the story, we havent even heard of her yet.
Sylvanas is rampaging around with her own story we only see tiny glimpses of.
We have a new kind of druids: the drust , but no more lore

Teldrassil is forgotten. What do the Forsaken really feel about Sylvanas?

The story is way to big and slow at the same time. We dont even get cliffhangers or «end of chapter».

And whats up with «here we have Nazjatar, we must defeat Azhara. We cant leave til shes dead» and then we suddenly get a mission to help some Mecha-gnomes?


Don’t forget that we still know nothing new about Mekkatorque, or Vol’jin.
The former warchief is still the biggest mystery for me: will we ever see his story continued? Will the Alliance ever see his story so far?
Or will it be the same situation as with Ashvane who suddenly was in Nazjatar (last time I saw her was when she got defeated in the SoB cinematic).

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There are rumours about the next expansion taking place in the forgotten land of Tel’abim, where is the prison of 5th unnamed Old God, Ban’ana.


lmaoo that picture is funny