Can we please have no conquest cap for Season 4?

There is no World First this time, can we just have a nice starting experience and being able to gear up?

There’s nothing harmful in this. People just want to play the game…

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Yeah this TRUE
if they are afraid that people use pvp gear for early pve advantage just disable the pve upgrades a view weeks

Offtopic How do we get sockets in season 4?

And turn the weeklies into dailies.

Hard pass. The last thing we need is gear disparity from day 2. Granted vault provides some to a certain extent, let’s not make it worse.
A cata-like reforge system for the gear you get though? Absolutely.


If anything uncapping solves gear disparity caused by bad vault rng. I’ve started late this season with 2 chars and i was full gear in no time, also thanks to the conquest boxes.
Last season i never got the weapon and had many duplicates in the vault so people were ahead with wep + set bonus and there was no way to catch up so i was behind for multiple weeks instead of a few days with uncapped conq

Some of us have jobs. I don’t want to come home from work day 1 playing vs players who grinded it out in a day because gaming is their life. By the end of the week anyone who hasn’t already geared is going to find themselves in a very unpleasant situation where they’re literally 30ilevels lower than everyone else.

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I have a job too.

This doesn’t matter at all. If everyone has the same opportunity to gear instead of artificial gatekeeping, it’s better overall. The same logic can be applied for you if you’re a returning player facing people with full gear mid-season or late season. You just have to gear up and be done with it, it takes a few hours of playing anyway.

Fairness should be within the game itself, not because of outside factors. People should be rewarded for playing the game more. And the game should be tailored towards people who actually play it (not talking about the people who play 12 hours per day, but the people who play regularly) and not to the people who play for 1-2 hours per week, because that puts a strangle on everyone else.

And conquest gear is mostly tied to RATED PVP, which is rated pvp, not something usually associated with “casual” play. It means absolutely nothing if you’re in full honor gear in a random battleground or skirmish, or even a solo shuffle on beginner MMR, everyone else is probably the same gear as you too.

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Both have their negatives and benefits, but personally I feel like it’s more negative.

Like you said, it’s tied to mostly rated PvP, but the majority of the PvP community are extremely casual (including myself) and I just don’t think it would be enjoyable for a lot of people.

Especially when they’re 30+ ilevels higher (not actually sure how big the ilevel jump is) than everyone else, then decide to turn up into BGs and start ragdolling everyone, because the vast majority of us just don’t want to sit farming conquest in SS :slight_smile:

I think it would be less of a problem and I’d be more inclined to support your idea if the ilevel gaps between seasons weren’t so flipping big.

There’s nothing wrong to be casual. As I pointed out, most casual players play game modes where gear doesn’t matter for the most part.

But what matters in PvP isn’t being full gear. For 95% of specs, all that matters is you having your 4 piece tierset. 4 items that drastically change the power of your character.

I’ll exclude embelishments, because you get one for basically free with the 1 time season quest that gives you a trophy for just winning 1 skirmish game.

Every season it’s a race who has their tierset faster. Some people who play both types of content cringe out and get 4 set in the first week for a MASSIVE advantage.

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Yes but it creates an even worse situation. Vault RNG is at worst a 3 items (not ilvl) difference (granted one get a bad piece in his vault and the other gets his bis weapon). Now I don’t have to tell you how big of a difference there would be between John who played 12 hours on Wednesday and Andy who had to work/study until late and could only play 1hour this day. That plus the feeling of inaccessibility for week 3/4/5 returning players (even if they are a few, any potential returning player I’ll take it)
I would love a stat reforge system though, so every piece you get in vault can be good, and you can play all the builds your spec/class has to offer without having to farm haste gear for build x, mastery for build y etc etc… Which imo would benefit all of us with 0 drawback. Also, make conquest boxes available earlier so that late season returning players like you did in S2 can gear up in 2/3days if they grind the hell out of the game. The more catchup mechanics the better, the more inaccessibility the worse.

There is one more arguement to be made.

Artificial caps force people with little time to keep logging on to gear more often, instead of logging on to play and enjoy their character.

If you have a clear grind ahead of you that you can do at any time you wish, instead of having to wait, it’s simply better. WoW is a grind game.

By the same logic Andy could have a specific week with a lot more free time, but be unable to get his gearing done due to the cap. And John is just screwed by default.


I see your argument and I somewhat agree, but it boils down to the number of players each situation represents. I think there are far more players who would not play because they know they are at a disadvantage than players who would follow the pattern you just described. I can’t say you are wrong because I don’t have any numbers to back it up.
Also I think that the players who would grind one day or another would play the game anyway, so how gearing works shouldn’t be tailored for them. It’s unfair you would say, most faithful customers should be rewarded first, but what I want first and foremost is increased participation, or at least not too much of a decline. Hence my stance on this matter.

Uncap it few weeks into season

I’d play more if the weeklies were dailies and when the rating requirement for boxes is accountwide, so that I can farm/play RBGs on my alts, too.

i tink most people woud be happy if there was no cap including myself :slight_smile:

I agree that the no cap route would be the more benefical way to go for s4, since there is no reason at the pve side of things that would cause this to be a problem. Also as mentioned above people can gear up at their own speed without having to rely on the vault RNG. I’m part of the group who doesn’t play the game daily anymore (or even weekly for the most of DF) and i’d still prefer this system over the current one. Or atleast one more similar to the changes coming in TWW.