Can we remove cheating russians

Blizzard its time to kick em or mix em like in epic bgs!!

its not random anymore against these gameabsuing cheater russians

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We will stay here forever, mate. Just relax and be ready for another spellkick.

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Those premades suck… i mean you’ll barely see any good russian player in Arena or AWC.

But with a huge advantage of a fullgeared premade group vs random players they’re just killing random battlegrounds!

i mean if they want to do premades they should do some random bgs, but in that case their advantage is gone and they losing like normal groups…

BLIZZARD just mix the groups like in random bgs and the issue is solved!!

more passion dude, add more alts with zero posts for more drama, you can do it! :100:

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Imagine calling out someone for their rating. You’re pathetic.

Arena has nothing to do with this topic you petty small man.


We can see the same issue in other games… Rush B for example and hacking Players…

One simple solution would be just to mix the Realm no matter which language they playing… just like in epic bgs!

Problem solved!

How about NO? I don’t play epic bgs anymore and I used to be an epic bg guy for years. After merging with EU my epic bgs winrate turned into 20% from 70%. EU Alliance is absolutely pathetic. I guess EU Horde is getting accustomed so when they meet a decent fight it looks like a glad premade to them.

Horde pugs tryhard against ally premade, if q as ally merc u won’t be in premade and faced against horde pugs, but they are average stronger in EBG and you will lose. Also a lot of horde alts just q as merc ally and AFK for honor grind. Nobody cares about winrate, HK or smthing. I actually did that on my rogue alt when gearing in BFA. This was the best way to go.
The simple solution is return comp stomp brawl as default map. Let people prepare their chars or grind honor in this.

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Epic Battlegrounds are free from premades and Fun again.
The Queu time isn’t about 1 hour anymore and the winrate is now about 50/50 for each faction…

Best Idea which Blizzard ever had!!

Not every instakick is script, i can do pre-kicks sometimes too it takes good obervation of they guy you fighting only. And you need to have kick binded on button that provides fastes reaction time, i have it on middle mouse button. There is barely anyone using some hacks now, it was everywhere during Mop and wod but since blizz upped their automatic detection you get flagged if there is some game files manipulation/external program injecting detected.Sure there might be some odd program here and there avoiding detection but not for long, one thing blizz anticheat is good at is detecting stuff like this. Go play game like Rust where 50% pvp “Gods” are scripters/aimobtters etc cause their anticheat is pathetic.

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Just remove the deserteur debuff and players would just leave battlegrounds with stupid overgeared premades…

It would decrease the Queu time and balance random pvp!

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true. as a russian disc player i insta kick. and i don’t even have a kick :new_moon_with_face:

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Blizzard needs to ACT!! Its just a horrible PVP vs unfair Premades…

and sadly most of the russian groups you’ll face, are just killing the game…

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