Can we remove cheating russians

They are here for ages and they are known for cheating can we remove them from eu battlegrounds and Arena.


I’ve just faced a russian rogue who would kick my cast before i even saw the cast-bar myself xD


Thats enjoyable

As mentioned other thread russian is selling a script that will instantly kick spells, few weeks ago I was picking havoc up to place instantly get targetted, died down for a bit but now back again.

Will it kick any spell you cast or specific ones? It can be actually pretty bad for scripters having autokick since for example I start casting heal or CC when it’s not necessary, get kicked on it and then I can freecast a few sec later when I actually need it, so much more useful than trying to fake a cast 10 times

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Cheating is in their blood.


Russians cheat in every MMO game I ever played. WoW, CS:GO, GTA V, etc… You cant stop russians from cheating, thats in their nature! Putin pay them to cheat and farm lil kids in MMO games.


And not a single proof in the whole topic, like always in such topics form 1500 players or <60 lvl twinks. What a shame. :joy:


welp… posting on a lvl 50 urself while ur main sits below 1.2k rating?


So another one 1500 hero posting anything but not according to the meaning of the topic?
Try better next time. :joy:

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We are cheating on you in every game. Bow to me, little neutral gender eu-persons.


I just think that russians apparently cannot find the RBG queue button because they always queue as full premade in normal bgs :expressionless:


Im not sure, I guess they set to what spell they want to interupt, it was not cheap about 30 euro, but you did get 6 month service in the price,guess fro workarounds if particular scripts were stopped.

Back in the day they cheated even in dungeons etc.

Sounds stupid. You can bate lots of interupts at once on group fights if you are sure they are using script. They are going to get outplayed when mass runs our of interupts.

On the other hands tell more than enough about the person who buys such a cheat tool. :smiley:

plis blizz remove them

While we’re at it can we remove the britts from the eu aswell they should fight among themselves.

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90% of real money boosters are russians aswell.

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idk, it is easy to filter on important spells that cannot bate, such drood convoke or eye beam, or chaos bolt at 80% cast etc… I can swear with my dh it is just impossible to cast 1 millisecond eye beam vs those cheating premades, even if i have 3 friendly healers close to me (i mean it is supposed to be more important to focus and kick healers…). it is most of the time so fast whereas i am not even targeted, i don’t even see the beam, 100% sure those kick are scripted

pls remove these russian abusing players it aint fun anymore