Can we remove the "LAVA BURST LOTTERY"

Honestly i’ve never come across something has blatantly toxic as this goddam Elemental Shaman spec… Every single time it becomes “slightly” strong it becomes an absolute joke of a spec.

You either need outright remove Primordial Wave or just redesign the Mastery… I cannot stand it…

Shaman pops Primordial Wave… Presses Lava Burst and then all of a suddent

3 no 4 no 5 no 6 Lava Burst all ranging from 80k to 120k on everybody in the frigging game.

I had an ele shaman in solo shuffle end the shuffle on 432k DPS because he got 6 Ascends proc one after each other and did 2.9m lava burst damage within the first 30 second of a game.

Can we please for the love of god make them cast Lava burst at the very least so we can at least coutner it?


There is a PvP-Talent which does exactly that but it got nerfed already and therefore sucks now, especially in this meta.

cause it was broken

lava burst doesnt hit for more than 70k
i play an ele sham, Hunter, DK and Evoker

lava surge only works for instant lava bursts when its not pvp talented into volcano surge

yea and lava surge hits 3 players and their mastery procs 5 lava surgers.while they contantly root static field backpedaling …i dont think ele is broken but its super annoying braindead aids to the game.also for casters super anyoing with grounding and the constant intterupt every 12 seconds.

If ele hit those numbers, he didnt have instant Lava Burst, so you are just lying (and it isnt the first time).

You died to a cheese build which has like 5 obvious alerts. A build which no serious ele pvp player plays because it is easily countered and it makes ele useless for 3 minutes between every set of cooldowns.

Ele is strong, probably the strongest caster after destro/demo. But it is not because of one shotting with this cheese build.

My Lavabursts can hit between 90-105 if I get Sophic and Trinket proc at the same time. Also a lot of Ele Shamans play with Havoc that increases Elemental’s damage. I played few games with Havoc and I was pumping way harder than in Thunder for example so it’s possible but it’s not every Lavaburst. On average they are 70 k as you said.

I wish they redesigned DRE so it is 1 min cd and lasts 5 seconds.

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