Can we start collecting residuum?

So the new loot is not there for the weekyl chest of mythic runs. I am wondering if I should be completing +10 runs so I Can loot the chest in trhee weeks time and get my first heroic level item.


Pretty sure you can, they already reset’ed the TR yesterday

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With scheduled maintenance on January 22:
• Titan Residuum is again available.

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so then I can not get anything on coming wednesday right? No reason to do +10 during weekend.

On Wednesday (22nd)

Mythic Keystone and PvP chests that are opened this week reflect Season 3 rewards earned the prior week, and cannot be Corrupted, but may Warforge/Titanforge.

so it will not have any residduum on the 22nd? If not what was the reasons they have resetted it?

I guess for everyone to explore the new patch a bit, i think it replaces the TR with more AP.

ok so I should still do a +10 to have my first residuum next week

It wont hurt to do a 10, i wil, you still get gear though :smiley:

no but at least residuum :slight_smile:

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