Can we talk about heal Priest in 2s?

Both priest speccs are totally over performing in 2s to a point that not playing a priest healer in 2s is basically trolling your team mate.

Drustvar in the last 72h:

8700 Disc
7900 HolyPriest
4100 Rdruids
1800 Evoker
1800 Mw
2700 shamen
788 Holy Pally

Disc is basically playing double dps at this point with their damage and holy also has decent damage while having the most dumb cc combo anyone could play with stun into fear. Doesnt even need a team mate to set up cc anymore and also being able to burst in every go.

Disc needs atleast to lose 50% of its damage and I dont even know where to start with holy

Yeah nerf Holy Paladin


ye nerf holy paladin clearly the aggressor here

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No need teammate to setup cc :d
Rake + clone+ clone+clone .

It’s interesting to see that Prevoker, despite being the best healer in other brackets, is actually Mistweaver tier in 2s.

I think it’s due to Lifebind working so much better with 3 targets than with only 2 of them.

I agree they should lose the stun. It’s too much and there’s next to no counterplay.

While i am aware that priest is currently popular and will receive additional nerfs after the last round, i still want to point out something …

  • Incap / Leg Sweep into Song
  • Bash into clone
  • Root totem, incap totem into frog
  • HoJ into rep

Counterplay starts with your teammates and continues with

  • precog
  • grounding totem, tremor totem, knockback while stunned to prevent the fear
  • monk port while stunned to prevent the fear
  • evoker shrouds
  • shadowmeld the stun, this ones tricky tho
  • sacrifice before the stun fear, not the best move in every situation tho

And many more

As in the last post i tried to highlight some possible counterplays - priest is popular atm, and might get nerfed but the scenarios described here are often based on a lack of experience.

Edit: And here i see i posted under your LFG PvP thread to form a 3s team. Yikes unpleasant. :smiley:


Blizz after this post will nerf holy paladins :slightly_frowning_face:.


Here is the thing with all of this. They are not instant. The problem with stun into fear is how its both without any set up or cast time.

Indeed, however as its 2s, the usual set up is that the other dps will also stun your dps to avoid said counterplay. In 3s its a lot easier to avoid the follow up cc / its to risky for the priest to attempt it unless they already lead

Iam not arguing that it is unbeatable though, its just to easy to perform of a cc chain. Like stun into trap as a SV hunter.

come mate. this is not a stormbolt, which is already not easy to melt when the game gets intense, also not everyone is nightelf / can play night elf.

weird take, its a common thing for people to have different opinions on topics.

Yes, lets do that, this sounds very reasonable and will for sure not kill the spec completely. Might as well implement the balance ideas from Bac while we’re at it.

Like I agree that both hpriest and disc are too strong currently. The tier set of holy is broken and their cdr on the stun is indeed a bit too high in my opinion. On Disc the recent buffs were too much imo. But try to be reasonable at least. Disc has generally low throughput, the worst mobility and cc out of all healers and you also want to cut their damage to half. Like come on…

And I’m not sure if you’re aware of it but Prevoker is also extremely strong and obnoxious right now for every comp that can’t purge. And I heavily doubt that prevoker won’t get another round of nerfs as well as priest.

Do we nerf all ranged instant stuns as well? Also why is everybody so obsessed with the cc, almost every game I have doesn’t end before high damp or when someone goes oom.


Why would it kill it ? Just adjust atonement to heal more without it being a second dps specc

Oh yesh for sure, but Iam talking 2s which is exactly ruled by Priests and DH etc. who all have purge.

Also it feels like you get less opportunity’s to do dps in 2s than in 3s as prevoker , but could be a skill issue on my part

Well you didn’t say that in your opening post :laughing: Heavily increasing attonement while tuning down damage would indeed work and would make the spec much easier to balance (making it good in 3s without breaking 2s). Disc still has the problem that the cc in it’s toolkit is bad, maybe they should rework mind control.

Well that’s true, imo Evoker should get some sort of purge protection because they really seem to struggle against purge spam.
In my opinion the main reason why hpriest is that dominant right now is because of how comically op their tier set is. It’d be much harder to have time for offensive gcds like spamming purge or smite (for cdr reduction on stun) if the 4p wouldn’t give so many free Serenity procs. I also think their stun should be dispellable.

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Would likely still leave the spec dead depending on how severe the damage nerf is and how it looks in regards to mana in longer games. If the damage isn’t there, and the general toolkit of more or less every other healer is better then there is no reason to bring the spec since it no longer brings the one advantage it had.
It’s the problem disc priest generally faces, especially in 3v3 environments.

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Incap is instant, so is legsweep.
Same with bash, not clone but it’s ranged no cd.
Hoj also instant, rep is ranged… :sweat_smile:

Don’t think the cc on priest is the op or unfair part.
Mostly the overtuned output, and perhaps the damage it also brings while having strong heals/cds.

40y instant cast stun, that has literally no cd (smite cdr), hits for 100k + easily even more.

That is not unfair at all, almost like a bash.

Been since Shadowlands and Blizzard buffs their tools all the time.


  • Hahaa i got out of cc , MEGAZUGA BEAM DO DE NUUUTS.


  • You are stunned, wait for it. INSTANT LECTURES OF SPELLCASTS x2 Holy Fires.

Prevoker isn’t bad in 2s, but it’s very high skill cap, has to min max globals, and has to spam damage.

It also mostly has healing CDs and lower CC so it cannot compete with other things.

It’s also relatively easy to kill compared to other healers. There’s no bear form to camp, no priest passive, etc.

Even Resto Shaman can probably live longer than Pres in 2s, due to having better CC and more healing in dampening.

When you reach 40-50% damp as Prevoker, it’s game over for you basically, you don’t do anything anymore.

Blizz, maybe you could just help HPal? We need a little more throughout and a reasonable amount of mana regen. Mana is the most frustrating thing tbh; so easy to fix and so unfair when no other healer has the mana issues that we do.

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