Can you be kind to review possibilities to scale your servers

OK, I’m tired of the way you are dealing with your server load… I’ve been playing this game since the beginning of time, and as one of the absolute few games charging money per month is also not able to deal with people wanting to play the game together. Putting people into queues of 1+ hours is a complete joke and forcing people to swap server instead of just ramping up the ones used is even bigger joke.

Would be amazing to understand why Blizzard is not giving a sh*t about it.


Well Stitches had queues for 4 hours the day after launch so they did a maintenance 3 days after that, that drastically reduced queue times between 20m to 1h at peak times now.

I’m quite sure they’re reading feedback and are watching the situation but it doesn’t seem to be too bad yet in comparison to extreme queues like at start.

You’re making a fair point. So it indeed seems they were able to push it down quite fast. Let us also take that in relation to that they have plenty of other servers and in relation to other popular games today, it still wonders me why that magic last hour would not be possible to get rid of. Doubt wow HC individual servers are the most played game in the world? (writing that based on 100% guess, so might be wrong).

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It could be they see no reason yet or are at max capacity for the realm, lacking an official post.

It’s more likely though that HC popularity is not that massive yet, as Nek’Rosh is a high pop realm that is just as good as Stitches but without queues. They could be waiting for actual long term numbers before dialing more on the unseen buttons.

Yep, let’s wait and see. Just so frustrating and let’s see if they can bother sorting it.

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Theyve done quite abit to combat queues, the issue is the quantity of pwople playing seems to be ever increasing.

We saw the same in ffxiv when they hsd to physically prevent new players joining because their servers were so maxed out and queues became a heavy proboen.

WoW and ffxiv just have so many more players then mmorpgs, i dont think they will ever manage as far as im aware even nekrosh is full.

The only way i could think of a way to manage this is if they opened up free transfers among HC servers and then drop 2 more.

This way people could go to them with the safety net of transferring to stitches when popularity drops.

Bots are increasing too! Ban them and we might don‘t have any queue at all.

However it‘s good business selling gold especially on a fresh server. And good money for blizz so we won‘t be seeing a change

The problem with bots are they are relentless, they change bot coding accounts and IPs faster then blizzard can banwave them. They will never win against bots completely. …

I know anet with guild wars 2, sent the people selling Gold / Hacks / boosting in their game a decease and desist to enforce them to stop, which did work.

However, im not sure how this works as i think the one doing this in gw2 was american alike the company, i dont know how this would work if they attempted this with WoW bots because their generally from outside america.

The issue is the quantity of players who will continously pay for RL gold,

Well i suspose they could delete mail / trading :joy: but i imagine that would annoy players.

No queues on Nek’Rosh, but so crowded you can literallly just stay one place shoot same mob over and over and over again.
Moving is life threthening because of hyperspawn. Is just NOT fun!

Its exactly as you imagined, they will remove the symptoms but cannot hit the source since they hold up in low or non-existing justice systems.

Servers have a maximum limit of people who can log on at one time, exceeding this will make the servers crash. I think they are at that maximum now.

Once the hype has died down and people only raid log then the queues will disappear.

How long we have wait to could actually play?

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they had a maintenance last night and again what we see atm? 2000+ que with 65m waiting time
maybe blizzard FINALLY should enable transfer between HC servers and not force people to forget about any progress they had on stitches? who knows, probably this is too hard to realize


They had that back in days with old client and old server infrastructure, here we have legion-fresh client and updated but limited modern server-side software which actually means they could easily increase the limits but not doing that on purpose

The queue only starts after 18:00, so if this is a repeated problem for you, maybe you should consider playing on US realms as its morning there.

Why not just recommend Nek’rosh?

Absolutely ridicolous I have to queue in order to play a videogame I pay for. I came back to WoW for HC release and found this. There is plenty of server with low population but only two full HC. I think also the dinamics of the game are falsed from all the “queues” you have to do in order to complete quests due to the population. Or this is gonna be fixed or I will not subscript next month.

There’s nothing to fix as the queue is here to maintain server stability.

Btw Nek’rosh has no queues.
Stitches queue at 25m atm.

How does queue maintain server stability? They should be transperent on the max number of players per server and then have a live count of how many players are on.
I still believe this is a technical restriction and not a limit on the capacity imposed by some business guy not wanting to increase capacity.

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The realm can only hold so many players, or to slowly roll players in to keep the server stable. It follows the same principle as a real life queue/gating system.

They won’t do any of this.

Depends, lacking an official post we don’t know yet whether if the realm has reached max capacity based on hardware limitations yet but the software is definitely decades old.

From a business perspective however a 20m to hour queue is not excessive in comparison to the previous 4h queue prior quick maintenance a couple days after launch as there is still a perfectly fine other Full server with no queues that is a viable alternative.