Can you be kind to review possibilities to scale your servers

It’s been almost a month since launch, and 2000+ppl / 1h+ queues are still there. And when you log in, the world is crowded - even worse at 30+ lvl as mob respawns rate is much lower there. You almost can’t die outside of caves as there is a sh!ton of people instanty tagging each mob that dares to respawn…

the game client and the game server is legion-based, where they renewed a lot of core code and server actually can hold as many people as they want to as all hardware restrictions they had now solved with a layers system at all

i thought it’s only my subjective feeling that something wrong with respawn timers
I understand when it became faster and why but why it became longer that it was? idk

The fix is easy, all they have to do is add one more server and make it so when we get offered a transfer due to population, allow us to go to another HC server. it isn’t rocket science…


there already is another HC server…it’s not a solution since they did not enabled transfer between HC servers

hahaha. it is a solution, if they actually do it. which is weird as hell, since they haven’t already.

Common misconception as layers does not increase the amount of players the server can hold but only how much pressure they can divide a zone by, think it like making multiple floors in a building the building itself doesn’t increase (simplified).

Like I said in several threads: We don’t know yet if Blizzard has actually reached max capacity yet or can increase this through hardware or if they’re taking a waiting stance due Nek’Rosh having no queues at the moment and being an equally worthy realm like Stitches.

Bad fix! There‘s already a server with no queue. You must either be new or haven’t witnessed Classic, SoM and fresh Wotlk servers.

Very good they are sitting this out this time. Eventhough free transfers from Stitches to Nekrosh with a 90days restriction shouldn’t do any harm. And then again paid transfers back to Stitches in 3 months haha