Can you Rework shadow priest in 11.0 (wish list)

I would like a rework away from all this boredom for starters less cast timers more mobility and a CD that isn’t a cast time.

And Make mind bender a permanent pet and add dot spreading on Mind blast and Shadow word death.

and remove feathers and add back Soulshape and doors of shadows with instant cast timers.

Lets go.

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I’d like unholy nova / skeleton boy back

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they should remove shadow crash make mind blast spread VT and make mind bender a permanent pet.

Remove Mindgames add back unholy nova it was good as holy too with the skeleton add next to it.

And add back season 4 living shadow when you instant mind blast proc a guy pops on your back doing aoe shadow damage.

Soulshape and Doors of shadow should come back instead of [Body and Soul] but [Body and Soul] shoul proc out of it.

Then make [Power Word: Shield] proc instead of you having to activate it all the time when soulshape / door of shadow is on cd.

make dark archangel instant cast.

make [Mental Fortitude] a permanent thing.

Remove Pi and make pi in to a mini 5man hero.

Make mass dispell dispell anything including curses and poison’s with 1.30min cd.

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