Can you share your laptop specs

Hi all,
I am interested in playing wow from a laptop. My standards, I think, are on the low side.
I would be happy to be playing with bit more than 30 FPS and quality set to 3 or 4.

What laptop cpu and gpu combo will be able to handle that?
If answering this is not easy, perhaps you can share your
cpu, gpu, ram and quality settings so I can get a sense of what I might need.

Thanks a lot everyone

On this laptop so far only The Last of Us has given me trouble and that was because it was unoptimised.
It’s a laptop from the HP Pavillion 15 series, I bought it last year in september, wow runs awesomely at basically max settings with some things lowered down and things like ray tracing disabled. It cost me around 600 euro.
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H
Graphics card: RTX3050
Ram:20 (16+4 in my 2 slots, yes, it works that way.)GB
512gb ssd, it’s very fast but if you want to play more than 1 game at a time you might want to have more space.
The battery doesn’t last too long but that’s what you get for using a gaming laptop ^^"

Basically, seek some mid-range laptop, make sure the ram is at least 16gb or make sure you can replace it as 16gb is like the minimum today. Look at wow’s recommended specs and have something around it if you want or go above. But make sure you don’t go below. You want to future proof your purchase as requirements will go up but your specs will not. As for your current laptop try plaing around with the game’s resolution scaling and enable FSR to make it look better.

*important:Addons are a big resource hog and if you go too far with them not even the best PC will be able to run the game well. Make sure you don’t go too far with them

thanks a lot. What are the quality settings you are using?

As I saaaid, my settings are pretty much maxed. I tend to customise my settings as some are better off left lower as they don’t change as much as the resources they’re asking for.

Screenie links:

In my experience, Shadow is a big resource hog so make it as high as you can handle without ruining your frames.
Liquid detail also takes a lot of your resources when water’s around so make sure you care about dem reflections if you keep it higher :dracthyr_comfy_green:
Particle density’s nice but also heavy on your graphics card, try lowering it if needed. SSAO is great but above good the difference has been barely noticeable to be worth the drop.
Depth effects seem to have no effect on performance in my experience, keep up.
Compute effects is pretty but very heavy. Lower as needed.
Outline mode stays high no matter what.
Texture resolution stays high unless your graphics card is below like 512 VRAM
Spell density is up to you, but i really recommend dynamic or essential.
Projected textures are mandatory.
View distance and the other 2 don’t need to be higher than 5, they take up sooo much resources.
Ray Traced Shadows give a nice smooth shadow but take up resources(oh and they cause my game to freeze, i tried enabling them again). Try it but I don’t think it’s worth the impact.
And Resample Quality is the best with FSR 1. I hope they add dlss versions or fsr 2 at least in the future but for now this is great and you can use it to lower your actual resolution scale, with this keeping the game’s quality up.

wonderful input. I hope it will also help others and not just me

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