Can you tech guys tell me what's going on

My subscription is active and i can’t go to play with my friends and login into WoW Classic. I can login into Dragonflight easy but the system doesn’t recognize my subscription on WoW Classic. You already took my funds, bank doesn’t hold them i think, been few days already? Funny isn’t it?

Make sure you are logging into WoW (EU) and not WoW (US) which is the most common reason for it saying you have no sub/game time when you do.

Well my clients aren’t tied to WOW US, they are EU

There is a drop down menu, sometimes it defaults to WoW1 (US), especially if its a fresh install of classic and you need to change it to WoW1 (EU) or your sub won’t be recognised.

oh wow, this was on my end. Idk why i have separate accounts there.

If it’s an unneeded starter edition then you can delete it to avoid mixups.

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