Cannot level past 20 in free weekend?!

I have a free trial account and I had wow downloaded before free weekend was announced. When I heard that it will be free from 5 to 9 November I got excited but when I logged into my character I still couldn’t go past level 20. I created another character thinking you should create a fresh one but still cant level past 20. Is it only with accounts that had subscriptions in the past or why can’t I go past level 20. Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide! :stuck_out_tongue:

The free weekend I think only applies to people who have played the game before, so trial accounts aren’t able to abuse it, I believe. The Blizzard news article doesn’t do a very good job of actually articulating this, but you can kinda see it if you squint and tilt your head:

Hmm I think I get it. Was hyped that I could level past 20 but seems that I was not so lucky this time :stuck_out_tongue: . Nevertheless thank you very much for your response! Have a nice day!

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