Cannot obtain Dwarf Heritage Questline

Greetings. I have character dwarf Monk, name Yvancheen on realm Sylvanas. He is at the moment 57lvl and he is reveared with Ironforge. I see npc Goldan Digger in SW near Embassy, but he is not giving me quest for heritage armor questline.

I believe problem is because during Legion he was human race and i changed race to dwarf.

Can i do something about it? I have all requirements, and i payed with actuall money to become dwarf, it is not fair that i cannot do heritage questline.

Someone have any advice what i can do?

BTW. i know they removed reputation requirement in 10.1. for core races, just saying i even got it.

Have you checked if you can get the quest from Adventure’s Journal? Least some of my alts have the quest offered there even though I have already done the quest line in other char.

thank you for your reply, i checked now, and nothing… problem is still not resolved…

I see comments here.

Nothing that really helps, but I do note:

ForemostCrab7 on 2018/12/25 (Patch 8.1.0)

Do you need to have made a Dwarf and hit level 120 from scratch? cause i realized when i had finally hit level 120 on my dwarven shammy, that, oh sh**…my Dwarf used to be a Draenei. Edit: It does not matter! if you changed from a different race to dwarf, you can Still get the armor, course i had changed before i hit level 120 so i dunno if it still works at level 120.

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