Cannot select Transfer realm for character transfer

I played some time ago in WoW classic on the Dreadmist realm. A few days ago I renewed my subscription to play WoTLK and it appeared that my character was automatically transferred to the Mograine realm.
I have a free character transfer to use and I would like to transfer my character to play with my friends on Ashbringer. However, when I try to do it, I cannot select the realm to be transferred to, the list with possible realms is not displayed, and the “Continue” button is not active.
Can someone tell me what to do?

There’s currently no free character migration available from Mograine.

ohh, I get it, despite I have a free character transfer in-game, it is not available so I cannot transfer my character from Mograine. Thanks

I suppose the option’s just there in case they want to make it readily available.

If there’s an actual realm you can FCM towards, it will be listed there as well as in the thread. Sometimes it bugs out though if it’s listed in the thread but not ingame, bump the thread in that case and hope they fix it.

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