Cannot unlock Allied Races

Trying to unlock Zandalari Troll and Mag har Orc. The quest “First Assault” which is required in the “Ready for War” achievement is not showing up. I have the following achievement “Zandalar Forever!”, and the three foothold quests in “Ready for War” achievemet. I also have the Heart of Azeroth necklace. When I visit the ship which is located at the port, Nathanos does not have any quests for me.
The Throne of Zuldazar

  • Portents and Prophecies (DONE)
  • Port of Zandalar (DONE)
  • Warport Rastari (DONE)
  • Web of Lies (DONE)
  • Among the People (DONE)
  • The Zanchuli Council (DONE)
  • March of the Loa (DONE)

Zandalar Forever

  • The Throne of Zuldazar (DONE)
  • The Dark Heart of Nazmir (DONE)
  • Secrets in the Sands (DONE)
  • A Bargain of Blood (DONE)
  • The Final Seal (DONE)

Ready for War

  • Drustvar Foothold (DONE)
  • Tiragarde Sound Foothold (DONE)
  • Stormsong Valley Foothold (DONE)
  • The First Assault
  • The Marshal’s Grave
  • Death of a Tidesage
  • At the Bottom of the Sea
  • The Strike on Boralus

Hey, I just started playing the retail as well and I unlocked the Vul’pera Allied Race to make it my main. As far as I remember, I simply went for the Orgrimmar Ambassy, took the quest, and kept following the questline. Completed the all requirements of the map called Vol’dun and that was it.

I kind of made a research about Allied Race: Zandalari Troll Unlock Requirements.

There are two criteria related with it. Two achievements. Those are:
Zandalar Forever! & Tides of Vengeance

As far as I can see you need to complete the Tides of Vengeance achievement to unlock the Allied Race, however, you did not started that achievement so far, as far as I can see the details you gave.

Because, in order to start the first quest of Tides of Vengeance, which is called “The Day is Won”, you need to complete the Ready for War for the Horde.

It’s interesting. Seems like, at least the Wowhead comments indicates that you can simply go for the Nathanos Blightcaller and take the quest The First Assault

Interesting. Since there are Chromie Timelines in the game, did you try it in different timelines as well? I am not sure.

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