Cannot use Creation Catalyst on fresh 60

I boosted a fresh 60 character and cannot access the Creation Catalyst, it keeps saying in 'Red text ‘‘The Catalyst is recharging and will be functional in’ in red.

I had boosted characters before and never encountered this problem, I tried relogging but nothing seems to fix the issue. There’s no time indication in the error which worries me as it looks like my character is in a broken state.

The character with this problem is ‘Hojmachine - Ahn’Qiraj.’

Im just here to say funny name for a paladin :smile: I like

You have to play through some of the ZM campaign to unlock it and it charges every 4 days for use.

I am currently having the same problem. Has the situation changed from two days ago?

Was the comment of Shammoz what we should do? meaning, wait? The thing is that even with previously level 60 boosted caracters, never have I ever had this issue …

You need to play zm chapters to unlock,i think untill chapter 3 or 4 cant remember.

Im having the same issue on my DH, completed the ZM campaign and done the 500 flux quest and still nothing, opened a ticket and blizz told me to google it instead of helping. have you found a fix or anything yet?