Can't believe you're all voting for the most boring mount

quite literally ;d

It’s already lost buddy. No way anything is taking the tree’s place. I would love to get that book too, but alas, the WoW community is nothing but a bunch of tree hugging hippies :unamused:

Just put it on the store Blizzard. C’mon, you know you want that moolah!


Bluray mount :open_mouth:

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Voting? What? Something special going on? Didn’t notice any pools in-game or smth

It’s almost as if different people like different things and have different opinions.



It’s also advertised on the Launcher and has been covered by every WoW 3rd party news site.

The list is endless

another one of welfare mounts that you will use maybe once. who cares


As opposed to them being a bunch of nerdy book worms? :smirk:

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Yeah, the tree is boring as hell :frowning:

So is the stupidity of some people. :upside_down_face:

I can’t help but to ridicule these types of threads…
I like rock, paper sucks. No paper sucks, I like scissors.


But seriously guys, there’s no ram to vote for anyway so it’s all pointless :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey man, you’re barking up the wrong tree.


In your opinion, the book will end up just like the flying discs from MoP and the mage legion campaign, vote tree friends, still 4 days to go for :evergreen_tree:

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You should go outside and protest, that’ll show us.


The tree was the furthest from being the mount I wanted. I would’ve liked any of the three others more. Welp, guess I’ll just have to buy the ones I actually wanted when they’ll inevitably show up in the ingame shop.

Just imagine following quote in blue letters:

We’ve noticed while the Tree won the poll, many many people still wanted the other three mounts so here’s your chance to buy them in this 25€ bundle!

Heed my words.

Vote for the kitty
never enough kitties

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I havent voted yet


is just mount

The ancient will get stuck all the time in every doorway and path

How tf is a flying book creative?

OP is a Nightborne