Can't craft Elemental Lariat at max rank since 10.0.5


since 10.0.5, I’ve been unable to craft the necklace at maximum rank despite having maxed out Jewelcrafting and all the subtrees that affect the quality of jewelry crafts. I was able to max out these crafts before and don’t understand why I can’t anymore.

For the basic version (ilvl 392), I can guarantee Rank 5, and for the first Primal Infusion version, I can guarantee Rank 4 (with Insight, Rank 5, at least before 10.0.5). Somehow this isn’t possible anymore. The highest recipe difficulty craft for Concentrated Primal Infusion still seems to work the same way, in that my crafts are a guaranteed Rank 4 and then need an Inspiration proc to Rank 5.

Can anyone please look at these screenshots and tell me if there’s something that seems obviously wrong or is a mistake on my part? I sadly can’t attach screenshots so I’m leaving the link to imgur here.

The first screenshot shows the item that the player sent in, the third screenshot shows the item that it will turn into (from 405 to apparently 402 with Primal Infusion?) and the other screenshots show my maxed out Jewelcrafting skill and subtrees.

Thank you


Makes sure your crafting gear is upgraded too and tool is enchanted with Inspiration

Here is what I have that allows me to craft 5 Star.

Gear : Resplended Cover Ilvl 365 - Alexstraszite Loupes 358 - Lapidary’s Draconium Clamps 346 (enchanted Inspiration)

Jewelers Toolset Master : Max 30/30

Setting: Max 30/30 - Jewelry Max 30/30 - Necklaces Max 30/30

Enterprising: 30/30

Hope this helps you (cant post images so have to type it out)

Also make sure you using top quality ingredients that be 3 star which helps a great deal. Sometimes if you use 2 star or 1 star you wont proc 5 star.

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Thank you for converting my link into pictures, Punyelf! :slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you for replying, Ruffntuff, I tick all the necessary boxes to craft 5 Star gear for both basic items and Primal Infusion items. It seems like it’s a bug because I was definitely able to craft these items at Rank 5 before 10.0.5 with the same skill level.

Here’s another topic made by someone who has the same issue after 10.0.5:

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You welcome :slight_smile:

Just thought I would let you know I am checking mine and its still showing I will craft 5 Star so not sure its a bug. Again all the items I am using are 3 star and I am not using an Illustrious Insight.

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