Can't find Order Hall Campaign quest start

So I might just be being stupid but I’m a bit lost.
I’m trying to do the class order hall quests but I can’t even seem to start them. I did the legion opening quests where you go into the scenario, came back to Stormwind, went to the king, did the whole ‘they’re among us’ deal. Got told to go talk to the Illidari in the Mages Quarter, handed that in and then nothing. No idea what to do now. Tried going to Dalaran as google said ‘Once there a member of your order will approach you’ but nothing happened. I’ve turned on being able to see low level quests on my map as I am overlevelled for this (I’m lvl 70) But I’m just lost on what I’m supposed to do.

Run around Dalaran for a while and Hamul should come to you. Maybe go where profession trainers are. They usually show up for me when I’m there.

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