Can't find portal to Argus

Hello there, it might be a silly question, but how do I tp to Argus if I haven’t done the questline to unlock that golden thingy in Dalaran yet?

if i remember correctly

  1. you need to be friendly with the other reps in broken isle
  2. you gotta complete couple of quests for khadgar

and boom, your in demon world

Oh, I emphasized that not quite correct. I’ve started the questline, got to Argus but then TP’d out and can’t get back now :smiley:

If you went to Argus, then the beacon should be in krasus landing, Dalaran


But it’s not :open_mouth: Should I open a ticket?

Hi Vitold

Had a look for you, you’ll need to redo this quest again(it shows as you having not completed it):

As per the comments there you might need to head back to Lady Liadrin at the Orgrimmar Docks

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yeah, ty very much! It worked <3


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