Can't get my gold from Auction House

So I posted alot of auctions, trying to earn some gold through professions. Now the auctions have sold but nothing happens when I try to click on the sold auctions in the mailbox. So I made a ticket and now the TICKET is gone. It doesn’t show up among my “active tickets”. The ticket I made has disappeared!

Ive been playing wow since EU release early 2005. This is the most game breaking bug (or whatever it is, Im sure it’s not intended) I have ever come across in those 18+ years. To me it’s not acceptable. Im a paying costumer. I buy the game and then I pay a fee every month. Should I have to expect things like this? Imo, I really don’t think I should.

Thank you


EDIT: I just wrote a long post here explaining what happened and half of the post dissapeared. My son is actually sitting right here beside me laughing at what is happening. He watched me posting it and saw it dissapear. Im not gonna explain it again!

TLDR: I post alot of auctions on the AH. Auctions get sold. Cant open the mails in mailbox containing gold. Can’t delete the mail to make more room for more acutions. Make a ticket. Ticket is not there (does not show up in “Active Tickets”)

Delete Cache, WTF and Interface. Does not work, Uninstall game and reinstall again. Does NOT work!

Now stuck with a ton of mail in my mailbox, wich I can’t open OR deleate. As a costumer, where should I turn for help? Or maybe rather the question should be, should I , as a paying costumer, HAVE to turn for help for something gamebreaking like this? And yes it IS gamebreaking! I have gold tied up in those auctions that I could already have invested further for more income.

I appologize for being harsh but this is really frustrating. It all started when I posted some auctions in OG if that helps? This never happened before in Valdrakken.

Thanks again

Try uninstalling your addons (not just disabling), then check your mailbox.

Ty for the suggestion. I tried it but it didn’t work

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