Can't link spells in chat or in macros - Cata Classic

Okay, so I don’t see that being addressed anywhere, so I will post about it. Apologies if someone has already reported this issue.

Seems like you can’t link spells in chat or when you open your macro-creation interface. Which makes making macros harder, especially for a feral where some spells have the same name in bear and cat form in Cataclysm. When you type /cast Feral Charge it only works for bear. Feral Charge doesnt work in cat. And before you say anything about the name “feral leap” , “feral charge - cat” and so on, the name is just Feral Charge in Cata for both Bear and Cat. And that is just one example.

Is it a bug or you just can’t link spells in Cataclysm?

P.S I have tried disabling all my addons, so its not an addon issue as well.


I have the same issue. Curious to see if anyone has a solution for this.

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Maybe see if you’ve disabled interactive chat.

I’ve come to this post by googling my problem, which is exactly same. I can link Items to chat, Talents also, but anything in the spellbook, I cannot. The game just tries to cast the spell instead of linking it. I tried relogging, disabling addons, restarting the game, nothing solved.

I’ll leave a tactical dot to see if it’s a general problem or something I’ve done is causing it


Still happening, a lot bugs in cata so far

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Yip, this is something that worked in versions before Cataclysm, and works in Retail.
So this is a break that applies very specifically to Cataclysm.
The only thing I’m unsure of is whether it was also broken in Cata 2010.