Can't log in?

I dc’ed while trying to join a dungeon group earlier and ever since I’ve been stuck on either logging into the game server, or when I connect it’s just a black background with no character displayed.

I’m getting the error code WOW51900319 and I’ve tried the general connectivity troubleshooting but I can’t see anyone else posting about problems connecting!

Any help is appreciated!

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If it’s only 1 character you’re experiencing it on you can give this a go:

Stuck character (will be moved to a safe space)

I have the same problem. Black character screen. I got DC’d while in Stormwind suddenly. At first I couldn’t log back in to B-net even but after a while I could. Now, like I said, there’s a black screen in my server character list.

Hey guys,

Moving this over to Technical Support.

if you’re still having trouble getting stuck on a black character selection screen, try creating a new character and log it in and out. If that doesn’t help, continue with the troubleshooting steps over here: Can’t Connect to World of Warcraft.

I can’t even ‘‘go online’’ on battlenet launcher. If I try to start wow I wont get past login screen… whats goin on recently? 2 days ago authentication got messed up and now this… Rly unhappy as a payin customer, when I finally got time to play I cant play!

Same Can’t log in Game or Battlenet, try to use VPN working fine so seem like the problem is my IP got blocked ?

Issues here too, cant connect to europe b-net app but swapping to america works fine? But then when on america I can not load the game instead so something is def up.

Hey Hylden and Sòón

We currently do not have any reports of connection issues so my advice is that you try the following steps:

You can also check if there are any problems with our games and through our Twitter page which provides faster updates into everything that is going on:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Same, I´m only offline when I log in. Can´t go online.

Greetings Álmúr

I would give it a go at trying the steps from my post in this thread.
You can also use this article to check our twitter and realms status for any potential issue coming up. :slight_smile:

I have tried everything in the “Connection Troubleshooting” list but nothing works. I can´t log in. I´m offline

if i dont use VPN i can’t have acces to the website/Battlenet/Game, i’m using the same PC the only thing that change is my IP. With VPN is working fine on everything.

Same here, i cant login after yesterdays maintainance.
error : BLZBNTBGS80000011after blizzard launcher times out

Same problem as the person above this post.

And I am having the exact same problem: BLZBNTBGS80000011 as error code. I tried everything suggested: cache cleaning, reinstalling destktop app, etc etc.

seem fixed for me i can log with my IP again.

Tried everything possible, uninstall the app, re-do the authenticator, reset password… Nothing helps, still cannot log in. Even b-net app cannot find my classic wow for some reason.

Im having some similar issues. I randomly dced. Got back to login screen with my chracters, my main character had no place underneith its name(place where u logged out).Tried to login, got a message that said character does not excist. Cleaned cache interface and wtf folders. Now I am back able to login but the loading screens are really slow, feels like there is a 10-20 second delay between every action i do in the game(talking, click on npc, mounting, switching form, …) Anyway to fix this? My other characters have no such problems at all and my latency/ping/ms is 15-18. Please help me!

I´m still having the same problem today…

if you google the error code BLZBNTBGS80000011 that you get, there are tutorials how to fix this on youtube. I followed the guide and now it works and i can reconnect again.

Im not sure what it does but i added new DNS (Google public DNS) and it worked: