Can't logg in on my wow accont

i can’t logg in on my wow accont ansd some changs my email as well

Are you saying your account has been comprimised? If that’s the case there are some steps you need to take and you’ll need to open a ticket.

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try but nothing is happening

Could you explain what you mean by nothing is happening?

If you have opened a ticket it may take a while to get a response.

think my battel.nett acconte have been hack they cangen my email and i can’t get new password

if you cant login on your account then make a new battlenet account and open a ticket and provide blizzard with the info on your main account like email adress, real name and IP adress and they will look into it and reset it for you.
usually they are very fast with this.
they will reply with specific information on what they need just to be sure you are the rightfull owner of the account.

Did you try the link i provided? From there choose the first option “Account Hacked” and follow the steps through.

You don’t need to create a new account or be logged in to make a ticket. The start of the process will ask you for your account email address, just select the option that says “you don’t have access to the email or someone changed it” (roughly worded) to skip that step then answer the other questions it asks and provide all the info requested.

Also just checking, but i’m assuming the account your posting here on and logged into is not the accont in question? If it’s the same account, have you tried updating your email in your account settings?

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