Can't post on forums, no ban


As in title. I can’t post an answer in part of EU forums. On many I can’t create new topics. There is no button of “replay” in forums that I can’t post. “Open draft” is greyed out.

  • I can’t post answers in general discussion or create draft
  • I can’t answer in lore forum. Neither can I create new topic.
  • I can replay and create new topic on support forums
  • I can’t post or “open draft” on roleplaying forum
    What am I doing wrong? I have active subscription, I am not banned, and I am on EU forum.

(Dottie) #2

Sometimes if you have just renewed your subscription it can take a few days to catch up on the forums.


Really? Thank you so much. It was a long time since my last subscription, but this one lasts already for a few days. What had me going was the fact that support forum let me post and other do not.

(Saneko) #4

That’s because you do not need to have gametime to post at the support/classic/new player forums.


Ok, so today it’s been a week already. Still no possibility to answer. Is that normal?


(I am starglade). Ok, so finally I can post. I had to wait 7 or 8 days since the start of my subscription. Way too long :frowning:

(Askael) #7

10 days have passed since I renewed my sub. Still cant’t post on the other forums… But, I suppose, it’s ok for a such small indie company…


I was told it has to do with some kind of “trust system” ? u have to have X likes / reads whatever to replay and post? is that rly a thing?


WAT?? Someone please tell me it’s not true.

(Nefaryas) #10

This explains trust levels and how to “earn” them plus a lot of other handy tips for the forums. You only need TL1 to remove the posting restrictions and all you need to do for that is read a few posts (takes 5 minutes tops) so I wouldn’t think it’s that causing issues. Hope the linked thread helps :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #11

I’m guessing this started off in CS but is now in General. If you are still having trouble, logging out, clearing cache and logging back in again sometimes helps.


This helped, I had similar problems with replying like two weeks ago, so I cleared my cache, relogged and everything was back to normal :slight_smile:

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No, I am Starglade and so’s my wife!


Sign out and sign in .try a different browser or device to access it .

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