Can't put goblin glider enchant on legendary cloak

As title says. I’m assuming this is a bug and hope it’ll get fixed asap as goblin glider enchant is one of the most fun parts about engineering and I don’t wanna have to spend the rest of the expan carrying goblin gliders in my bags

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The legendary cloak will have an onuse effect later on so we cant put any onuse enchants on it.

Which is dumb…

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what’s this goblin glider enchant i thought that it was only an item that you could use tempoarly and then it was gone?

Engineers get is as an enchant.

so everyone can use it when they craft it then?

Yes. Everyone can use the consumable goblin glider item.

oh how neat what does it do then?

It lets you glide towards the ground for two minutes. It is basically a slow fall but faster and you can steer it and cross bigger distances.

so i no longer have to carry the goblin gliders in my bags anymore then?

Generally yes, but the legendary cloak gains an on use anti-corruption effect at rank 6, so you can’t put engineer tinkers on it.

oh will it be fixxed then?

I wouldn’t imagine so, it’s not a bug as such. It would mean the item would have 2 on use effects which I’m not sure how that would work.

Of course if the cloak’s effect was made a proc or passive or something, then they’d be able to have the tinker working as normal.

At least it happens now and not before 8.2. The Goblin Glider was my flying-replacement. Especially for Seal -> Port and Seal -> Nazmir :sweat_smile:

Only engineers can use it.

damn how come blacksmithing never get any cool stuff?

Engineering tinker to cloaks will not work due to the on use cloak ability at rank 6. Many engineers are unhappy but it is not a bug and it is intended.

Another reason to excitedly await the end of bfa


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